No Longer Feel Shame When You See Your Reflection!

Since its creation in 2001, the RESET Weight Loss Programme has given people the body they’ve always wanted.


Using our expert-administered breakthrough formula, you can reduce your calorie intake without any irritable side effects.

A safe and effective method that has helped thousands of people

Increases confidence and supports a strong self-esteem

Weight loss that can be seen immediately

RESET is one of the most trusted methods when it comes to getting the perfect body. Stop wasting time and money on dietary supplements. Get the results you want, today!

Our RESET weight loss programme is tailored according to your body’s needs.

Weight Loss Isn’t Just About Looks

RESET is helping people recover from more than just confidence issues.

Those with obesity have a 55% higher chance of suffering from depression. They are also at risk of:




High blood pressure


The RESET programme not only gave people the ability to enjoy life but more time to go out and do the things they love, uninhibited.

Don’t wait for obesity to cause serious health concerns. Consult with us today and see how you can start taking control of your mental health again!

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How We Do It

Participants in our programme have noticed instant weight loss results. RESET targets what is known as visceral fat, which is the unhealthy fat that we are trying to get rid of. 


Our RESET solution turns that fat into energy. Energy your body can use! RESET prevents muscle loss and provides pure fat loss, making the body leaner with a more robust metabolism to help maintain weight loss once the program is complete. On average, people on RESET lose around 5-12 kg per month.  


Since your body is instead feeding off the fat you want to rid of, patients don’t suffer from headaches, irritability, and other side effects typically associated with other diets. On average, people on RESET lose around 5-12 kg per month.

This is not for those looking to only lose a few pounds. RESET is a rapid weight-loss programme that decimates body fat and gives people the fresh restart that they need in their life.

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How the Reset Weight Loss Program Works

Loading Phase

Begin your treatment.

Weight Loss Phase

Prepare to lose 5-12 kg or more!

Maintenance Phase

Complete your treatment.

Our Experts Are Here To Help

Our experts specialise in understanding the human body and how fat is stored. Using revolutionary treatments to solve a timeless problem, you can trust that your body will be in good hands. Here is one of our professionals explaining one of the many problems with weight gain.

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