Are Asian men baby-faced or rugged macho?



 KUALA LUMPUR, 14 July 2016: 

Most Asians have one very unique problem with facial features – we look far younger than our true age.

While many will say this isn’t exactly a problem – especially for women, who’d rather stay looking eternally young – it isn’t always the case with most men.

If you’d really thought it through – can you recall just how many times some males been passed over for job hirings or promotions because a more mature person seemed available?

Or, if urban legends are to be believed about certain popular night spots strictly enforcing age limits – it can be quite embarrassing to be asked for the MyKad to prove you’re old enough to be allowed entry, even after you’ve turned 30!

There is actually one easy trick to looking more mature for males – having a fashionable stubble or perhaps even a beard.

And it’s easy to check just how true this simple solution is – take a look in the mirror on Monday morning and you’d realise just how the years seemed to have piled on the wisdom since the last shave three days earlier.

It’s also at this point that many Asian males will realise their stubbles aren’t exactly macho-looking – because facial hair sprouts are uneven instead of exuding sexy ‘bad boy’ imagery.

Letting the facial hair grow out even further only results in it looking funny or worse – creepy! It’s no wonder then that many just fall back to being clean-shaven – never mind the babyish face, which most would describe as ‘cute’ rather than ‘manly’.

What such unsatisfied men within the Klang Valley don’t realise is that there is a simple solution available for this hairless issue – by getting a beard transplant.

Exactly how much hair your face needs can be designed in advance using computer systems. You can try out all kinds of options – it’s just like choosing a new pair of glasses!

And best of all, once the beard transplant process is completed, maintenance is relatively easy with regular visits for highly-trained professionals to ensure you keep looking great!

Such professionals can be found right here in the heart of KL city centre – at the Nexus Clinic – and the first consultation is free. For more information, go to www.nexus-clinic.com/nexus.

With so much to gain – both in terms of self-confidence and how others will now see you – why wait for years to gain the maturity you can obtain right now?

Beard Transplant


Click the link to check out out the original article on The Rakyat Post : http://www.therakyatpost.com/life/2016/07/14/are-asian-men-baby-faced-or-rugged-macho/

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