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In Mediviron UOA Clinic, our doctors and staff whole-heartedly believe in reaching out to the under priviledge and less fortunate. As part of our social responsibility, we participated in a charity program organized by HOPE Worldwide Malaysia (visit their website here) at HOPE Free Clinic

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“Nutrition During Pregnancy” Educational Talk

Mediviron UOA organized a talk entitled ‘Nutrition During Pregnancy’ on 6 August 2010 as part of it’s corporate social responsibility. Besides offering pro bono aesthetic treatment for disfiguring skin conditions to the underprividged, we also believe in reaching out to the public via non-aesthetic related

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Can you reduce fat at a specific area?

As you look at yourself in the mirror, our eyes automatically spot the imperfections — especially where there’s extra fat dangling about. So, you’re wondering if you are able to just do that one specific exercise to get rid of the muffin top or belly

Manja Diri Di Nexus Medispa Cyberjaya

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Rasa Diri Muda Tanpa Kedutan

10 Cara Untuk Mengurangkan Kedutan Kulit Bimbang bahawa kulit anda kelihatan lebih tua daripada anda rasa? Berikut adalah 10 cara untuk mengurangkan kedutan kulit atau “wrinkles” Ramai wanita dan juga lelaki percaya bahawa penuaan kulit tidak dapat dielakkan, tetapi dengan maklumat dan teknologi yang kita