Dermal Filler Treatment reviewed by Blogger, Povy Teng


 So yeah this was me back in January, have you notice any difference by then?
Here’s a hint –  I got my first filler treatment. The picture above is me on the second day after I got my nose filler.
I have never had any filler treatments before this, FYI. Many of my friends, especially those from Penang, tend to assume that I have had fillers or Botox on my cheekbones, chin or nose. Actually, thanks to my braces, I now have a sharper chin than before, and I was born with high cheek bones, just like all my sisters. 🙂

Honestly speaking, I was pretty happy with the way I looked to begin with. However, a few months back, I received an invite from Nexus Clinic to try out their aesthetic treatments. It caught my attention because who doesn’t want to look even more beautiful, right? Of course, beauty isn’t just about looking good on the outside. Beauty evokes the depth of human emotion, and is really about feeling confident and good about yourself.

That said, I was pretty reluctant to go for it at first, as I was unsure about the treatment. However, after I went for consultation with Dr Jasmine, she gave me a very good explanation on the treatment and it gave me courage to go for it.
I was given a choice of a few treatments, including the LED Phototherapy, CryocellCold Electrophoresis, Dermal Filler, Fractional CO2 Laser, Medlite C6 Laser and Botox. Of course, from the title above, you already know that I went with the derma filler.
My nose wasn’t exactly flat to begin with, but I thought the “bridge” in between my eyes was not very high. I wanted to try to achieve a higher nose-bridge since Dr Jasmine said it will enhance the appearance of my overall look.
But hang on, what are fillers? 

Injectable dermal fillers, also known as hyaluronic acid fillers, are one of the most popular facial rejuvenation treatments that offer from beauty clinic and are highly effective anti-ageing treatment with instant results and virtually no down time.

As we age, our natural reserves of hyaluronic acid break down but dermal fillers can be used to restore the lost volume in the face, to smooth and to reduce wrinkles and lines, and to create plumper lips. The effects of just a small touch of additional volume provided by hyaluronic acid fillers can make quite a dramatic difference to your appearance. The filler procedure is suitable for all skin types.

No allergy testing is required, as hyaluronic acid is naturally occurring it is safe to use on anyone. The effects of hyaluronic acid fillers can last in excess of a year, although the longevity of results varies from patient to patient.

However, the body will eventually break down and absorb the hyaluronic acid over time and without leaving a trace.

It’s important to remember that the treatment is not permanent so there’s no risk of being stuck with a look you may not be happy with in years to come.

I gained more confidence in the practice when I learned that they have four full-time qualified and very experienced aesthetic doctors.
Dr Jasmine Ruth Yuvarani, is a highly competent aesthetic physician who takes great pride in the providing the best possible outcome for her clients. With experienced, professional and caring doctors, you can be sure you are in good hands.
I made a follow-up appointment one week after my first visit (follow-ups are usually required to complete the treatment). I was excited to get a new nose before CNY.
The treatment was carried out in one of the treatment rooms, which was bright and fully equipped with a bed in the middle. Marcus, one of the clinic’s staff, came in to help apply some numbing cream on my nose while I waited for Dr Jasmine.
Marcus applying Numb Cream on my nose and chin, as he thought I was about to inject fillers in my chin as well. However, I did not get fillers for my chin in the end, as Dr Jasmine does not recommend. I trust on her professional opinion. 🙂 The numbing cream took around 25 minutes to work its magic to reduce the pain significantly.
But first, let me take a selfie!! #selfie

After awhile, Dr Jasmine came in and she started to use a black pencil point on where she would inject the filler on my nose later. She then explained to me on where it would be, with a mirror.

Later on, she started to work on the filler. She first started to create the bridge in between my eyes. Her main concern was to create a higher bridge for my nose. However, she still injected some along my original upper cartilage. She was injecting and shaping at the same time, very softly and I couldn’t feel anything at all thanks to the numbing cream. However it still bled a little. 🙁
After 10 minutes my new bridge for my nose is done!!! Well, ignore the red dot at the tip of my nose. I got a pimple the day before due to my excitement from looking forward to a new nose. I kept pressing my old nose the day before and it somewhat caused a damn pimple! FML!
Don’t worry, there might have little hole at first but fret not with down time. Mine appeared to be slightly reddish on the first day itself, but it seemed fine the next day.  Some redness, minor swelling or bruising may result from the treatment, but it is easily hidden with mineral make-up.
Here’s a Before and After of my nose. So what do you think? 
Overall, it enhanced the whole look of my face after the nose filler. Thank you Dr Jasmine and Nexus Clinic for giving me a whole new look during CNY. Although not many of my friends could see the difference but I’m pretty satisfied with my new nose with higher bridge. 🙂
For those who are interested on trying fillers to enhance your look, you can consider doing it. It doesn’t hurt and it won’t bite! Lol. You may try other treatments as well. Feel free to drop by for consultation at their clinic. It’s right next to Pavilion shopping mall. They will certainly recommend the best type of treatment for you.


Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person. Please come for a consultation with our doctor for specific advise.


Our lovely blogger, Povy blogged on her experience with our Dermal Filler Treatment. She visited our clinic in January 2014 and from what she wrote, she felt that the treatment is pretty good for her!

Click to read her blog now at http://oneveryonelips.blogspot.com/2014/05/beauty-diary-derma-filler-by-mediviron.html

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