Thread facelift is a non-surgical face-lifting solution for persons who do not desire or are apprehensive about surgical face-lifting. Fine threads are advanced along pre-marked outlines to assist in skin lifting. The tiny filaments of these threads adhere to the tissue. It will then stimulate the formation of new collagen, which envelops each filament and produces a modest yet effective lift. The outcomes are long-lasting and may last for up to one to two years following the completion of the surgery.

In addition, the elevating and firming effects of the thread lift will be apparent almost immediately.


Your doctor will inject absorbable PDO (Polydioxanone) into the treatment area for maximum lifting impact. As the tissue absorbs the threads slowly over the next 6 to 8 months, nets will form between the threads, promoting and stimulating collagen formation in the skin. This also lowers indications of age, while your skin’s complexion begins to improve. After treatment, you should observe the progressive creation of a V-shape as your skin becomes firmer due to the increased production of collagen.


Popular among Malaysians who desire a more oval or V-shaped face that is thinner and more visually attractive is this face-lifting method. In addition to giving the individual a more youthful appearance, facial sculpting will leave the skin looking revitalized and healthier. Additionally, your skin will become more elastic and smooth following the operation. Additional advantages of a thread lift include:

  • Rejuvenates and firms the appearance of the skin
  • Allows for enhanced facial sculpting
  • Obtains a youthful appearance without scars.
  • A less expensive option or alternative to a complete facelift
  • A rapid and effective remedy for a variety of aging issueS

What Problems Does It Help?

Sculpting / Contouring of the Face

Depending on the treatment location, the length and thickness of a thread facelift can vary. In general, shorter threads are utilized to repair tiny wrinkles in and around the eyes, while longer threads are used to correct and elevate the neck and jawline. As an alternative to traditional injectable treatments, thicker threads may be placed into the forehead’s muscles. Nose threads can also be performed subcutaneously to enhance the nose’s contour. Your physician will recommend treatments for specific locations in order for you to achieve optimal outcomes.

Collagen and elastin are naturally occurring proteins in the body; they bind the skin together and make it elastic and smooth. The production of these two proteins declines with age, resulting in less plump and elastic skin. This means that skin loses its capacity to spring back into position; consequently, the effects of gravity will be more apparent to the naked eye as the skin’s structure becomes less robust. In addition to treating drooping skin, the thread lift creates a lifting and tightening effect on the underlying muscles. The lifting of facial wrinkles and sagging skin will provide more volumizing and rejuvenating benefits.

Wrinkles / Fine lines

As you age, your skin develops creases and ridges, resulting in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. As a result of the skin’s inability to produce collagen, which makes up the connective tissue that keeps our skin elastic and smooth, wrinkling is an inevitable aspect of the aging process. Skin that is drier and thinner is more susceptible to injury, which can be caused by excessive sun exposure or dehydration. Age-related sagging of the fat pads in your face causes wrinkles and folds around the nose and shin. The thread lift will encourage the synthesis of new collagen to smooth fine lines and wrinkles in the targeted area.

How Many RM Does It Cost?

The average cost of a thread lift surgery at Nexus Clinic ranges between RM 900 and RM 4,500 per pair. The price of a thread lift procedure depends on the number of threads implanted, the type of threads used, as well as the severity and size of the affected area.

The larger area requiring more thread, such as the face, may incur a higher cost than the neck. We give medical counsel and assistance, as well as well-trained physicians and a high-quality product, to assure better and more satisfactory results while minimizing the chance of adverse effects.

Where Can I Get These Therapies?

Nexus Clinic utilizes the most advanced medical technology in Malaysia to achieve superior results and customer satisfaction. Our professional doctors also offer medical and cosmetic consultations to patients with concerns and issues. All treatments are conducted by our highly qualified and professional physicians. Our pricing are quite low, and we offer the most effective solutions on the market.

Alternately, you may book an appointment at one of our clinics in:

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