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Sorry for lack of posts (as usual). I only just found time to write about my experience with Nexus Clinic from last February.

As part of the Nexus Clinic Beauty Program, I was given the opportunity to undergo treatment at their clinic for free! I was offered a list of treatment options to choose from and it took me a week to make up my mind. It was after sharing my skin problems with a consultant at the clinic that I decided to go for this treatment called “Fractional CO2 Laser”.

A little info about Fractional CO2 Laser treatment:

“Fractional laser skin treatment is a technology that successfully corrects dermatological and cosmetic skin conditions, with increased comfort and minimal post-treatment pain and care. Fractional CO2 laser skin treatments give excellent results for skin resurfacing and when correcting skin conditions including scars, uneven, dull skin and fine lines” – quoted from here.

I went for the Fractional CO2 laser treatment, as it was recommended for my skin-type. I had hole-like scars from acne in the past, so I was hoping that the skin resurfacing effects from the treatment would help improve my skin texture.

We arranged for an appointment date. Next thing I knew, I was in their KL clinic all the way from Perak. 🙂

Right after I confirmed my appointment at the counter, I was asked to wait as Dr. Lashela, my doctor for the day, was still meeting with another patient. 

After a few minutes, I was asked to enter Dr. Lashela’s office. She wasn’t there when I went in, so I “selfied” for a bit…haha!

After a while, she came and greeted me. Then, she examined my skin and said that my skin wasn’t that bad after all. I told her maybe my make-up hid my bad skin, so she asked me to wipe off some of the make-up on my cheeks.

After looking at my bare cheeks, Dr. Lashela commented that I have deep acne scars that created the illusion of dark scars.

She told me that the Fractional CO2 laser treatment would help lessen the depth of my scars and explained a little more about the treatment procedure, and how it works before going ahead with it.

During the consultation with Dr. Lashela, she provided a thorough explanation of the consequences and after-effects of the treatment I will be going through.

Some of the effects that she mentioned:

1 – My skin will feel rough for about a week or two depending on my skin’s healing properties.

2 – I will experience a burning sensation for about a week because my skin is in the middle of healing.

3 – There will be net-like pattern on my face due to the laser treatment for about a week and it will later peel off by itself.

4 – I will experience pain during treatment because a needle-like machine will be used.

After learning about the after-effects of the treatment, I continued to go ahead with the procedure as agreed.

After the last consultation, they proceeded with my treatment. They applied numbing cream all over my face before treatment began and my face started to feel really numb after a while.  In my photos above, I didn’t even know if I was smiling or not because I couldn’t feel anything.

After that, they led me to the treatment room. While one of the staffs removed my make-up, a few other staffs came in to adjust the lighting of the room and they kept talking to me. I was a bit shy at first, but I was happy to see so many people in the room…

In the meantime, I was asked on how I started my blog and what my profession is. Most of them were shocked to hear that I was still a student. I guess maybe because I look mature? Cause I get that a lot from people.

I was shown the machine that will be used for my treatment. They said it is a really expensive machine. I wonder how much it costs…

Finally, my treatment started after they cleansed my skin.

There were three steps in the process. First, it was the fractional laser, which left a net-like pattern on my skin. I thought it would be painful, but actually it was not. There was only a slight “electric” sensation. Everyone in the room was surprised when I said it was not as painful as I expected. The laser treatment lasted for roughly 10 minutes.

Next, the doctor used a needle-like machine. This was the most painful step of all. They only used the needle on small parts on my face, but I felt a sharp piercing. I think it was because my numbing cream was starting to wear out by then, that’s why it felt like it was the most painful. Thank God it didn’t last as long as I expected. The doctor even showed me the blood that resulted from the treatment. Surprisingly, I felt no fear at all. Sometimes, you need to feel the pain to look pretty, right?

For the third and last step for the treatment process, they covered my eyes with an eye mask for LED light treatment. I was left in the room under the LED light for about 15 minutes and I almost fell asleep…kkk. During the 15 minutes, there were times when the LED light felt a little too hot. I’m not sure if the heat came from the light, or if I was left with a burning sensation from step two of the process.

After the treatment was done, I travelled home with a face-mask because my face looked so red and swollen. However, I did not experience much pain after the treatment. However, I was told this depended on the person receiving the treatment.



Here, I will be showing you the progress on my face after a week, and after two months following the treatment.


As you can see in the picture, there was a “net pattern” all over my face in the days after my first treatment session. I have to admit that my face looked bad, and I had to wear a face mask to hide it. The doctor said it was okay to wear make-up after treatment, as long as the product does not contain acid. But I still thought it was quite inconvenient as the makeup may look botched because of my rough skin. So I opted to go make-up free for about two weeks. I only wore sunblock, as Dr Lashela advised me to not go under the sun for too long, and to always wear moisturiser and sunblock for protection.  This is to protect my skin from further burning and pain.

The red dots were actually my pimples, which turned even redder after the treatment. You can see bruises on my chin as a result of the needle-like treatment that was part of the process.

Despite the rough texture of my skin, I felt no pain on the second day. However, the net pattern was very obvious, and there were bruises on some parts of my face.


On day 5, the net pattern on my face was becoming less obvious. As you can see, my skin has gotten a lot brighter now, and I have started to wear eye makeup.

The skin on my chin was starting to peel, which meant I was going to have new skin soon. The peeling process is a must because it helps to replace my rough skin with new smooth skin.

I was advised not to peel the skin off myself, as it is going to interrupt the healing process. Just let the peelings fall off by itself.

Other than that, the redness of my pimples has also started to fade. However, the treatment does not get rid of active pimples or acne. The treatment’s main purpose is to help smoothen out wrinkles and scars. I opted for the treatment because I wanted to smoothen out my acne scars.



On the 8th day after I went for the treatment, the net pattern across my face has disappeared almost entirely. I didn’t even realise that the peeling has come off, because I did not notice any peelings other that what occurred on the 5th day.

I did not experience any pain throughout the past week, despite being warned earlier by Doctor Lashela. I guess I have tough skin…lol

You can see that my skin has gotten better and my acne scars are less obvious. I still get pimples every now and then, but they usually just go away by themselves. I was not allowed to wear any skincare that contained harsh chemicals or acid, so I depended on Rosken moisturiser, which I bought at Watson’s. It is mild and did not contain any harsh chemicals.

I also used Biore milk sunblock. It is light and is absorbed quickly. For cleansing, I used Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser because it was recommended by many doctors as a mild cleanser for sensitive skin.

My skin was looking bright and the depth of my scars has decreased. I am happy with the results. I can wear my foundation by now, and people have said that my skin has improved a lot since Day 1. The bruises have disappeared almost completely as well.


Now after two months, my skin is much smoother and more radiant, and there have been no after-effects from the treatment. I have less dark scars on my cheek too. I am very happy with the treatment, and I really got the best service while I was there, considering that it was sponsored.

Thank you Nexus Clinic and thank you Doctor Lashela.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person. Please come for a consultation with our doctor for specific advise.

A beauty blogger, Mizuchan reviews on our Fractional CO2 Laser treatment on and she is happy with the procure and result. Read more at her blog now!

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