Nexus Hair Implantation

Hair Restoration in Kuala Lumpur

Since 1970, DHI Global Medical Group has been dedicated to the research, diagnosis and treatment of hair and scalp disorders, while constantly developing innovative techniques and medical treatments.

Thanks to the dedication of constant innovation, we are proud to bring to men and women of Malaysia the least invasive hair restoration procedure. That means giving you natural looking hairline with your OWN hair through a process that has no cuts, no stitches, no scars and virtually no pain.

Nexus Total Care System

Our Total Care System is a holistic approach to the Medical, Psychological, Mathematical and Artistic factors to select the best treatment.

Lifelong Natural Results

Nothing is more rewarding than to deliver a second chance to having lifelong natural hair. Your own hair.

45 Years of Experience

Since 1970, DHI has been a global mover in hair transplant technology through core emphasis on safety, research and innovation

Direct Hair

Using the finest of instruments, each hair follicle is extracted carefully and implanted back in thinning areas with precise depth, direction and angle to give maximum natural density.

Eyebrow & Beard

Through careful selection of scalp hair and using delicate tools, DHI now offers the options of reconstruction of facial hair and eyebrows.

DHI Scalp

The DHI Micropigmentation is a non-invasive procedure in which dots and lines are ingrained on the scalp or between hairs to give the aesthetic look of increased density or the shaven stubble look.

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front after

*Results May Vary

sides before
sides after

Ronald de Boer
1,292 hair follicles*
*Results May Vary

*The above pictures are for illustration purposes only. Your results may vary.

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