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Based on our track record and unique method used by our practitioner, we’re the only facility in Malaysia with a success rate of 90% and an undying commitment to helping our customers:

Reverse hair thinning and balding

Have healthy thick hair grow again

Boost their self-confidence by looking and feeling younger

Choose a personalized hair designed based on personal preferences

Trust a team of hair treatment experts using cutting-edge technology

Say goodbye to repetitive, costly, and ineffective hair treatments and transplants that never live up to your expectations

We’re offering you the FUE Hair Transplant Experience in Malaysia that you undergo only once to enjoy permanent and extremely satisfying hair regrowth.

How Our Hair Transplants Work

Our team of certified experts performs true science-based hair regrowth magic

Healthy hair follicles are extracted from one place and implanted where they are needed

The method allows for a perfect hair-line design and growth that feels and looks organic

No visible scar is left exposed, no significant pain or discomfort are experienced by the patient

The correct graft density is employed for a natural look and a higher implanted follicle survival rate

Baldness and thinning give way to healthy, lustrous, and strong hair growth

Our Hair Transplants Process


Punch Incision Around Hair Follicles


Extraction of Follicular Units


Harvesting of The Grafts


Implantation of The Grafts

You’re the true star at the best Hair Transplant Experience in Malaysia: you’re the donor and recipient of the hair follicles that will be used to repopulate your scalp with strong hair that will initially grow slowly but which will surely become strong again.

Doctors in the House

You can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that only certified and highly specialized doctors will handle your hair transplant—and this is what they have to say about the process.

Dr. Aly bin Alias Stephen Nah

Exp : 9 years 500+ Medical cases

Hair Transplant Doctor | ISHRS Member | LCP Certified

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We Cater to Multiple Hair Regrowth Goals

Every patient is unique and we make sure that we meet each patient’s concerns and goals. That’s why the best Hair Transplant Malaysia has to offer can be used to provide amazing hair regrowth results in your hair, beard, moustache, goatee, and even sideburn.

Guaranteed Quality and Customer Service

As a specialized hair transplant clinic in Malaysia, we actually walk the talk, which is why our patients know they can count on us for post-procedure follow-ups. Typically, we’re successful in over 90% of the transplants, but we’re always here for our patients if they feel they need extra support or guidance.

No post procedure scars

With our expert quality doctors at Nexus clinic our patient will get good result without any post procedure scars. The hair extracted from the back will not have scarring and would not look sparse after the extraction, so that you will feel more confidence and satisfied. In nexus we can promise you such results.

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“"I wouldn't be able to recover and experience such positive hair growth with any other clinic this fast. It all happened because of nexus clinic, thanks to their advanced technology and qualified doctors, I don't even have any scars on my head and the result was way beyond my expectation."”


““I was so sad and desperate because of my hair loss, my head become bald so fast in a year, even though I hesitated to transplant initially but later nexus clinic proved it was the right choice, I am now happy and confident. It's all possible because of the nexus clinic.””


“My results were beyond my expectations, I am really happy with the hair growth, it really bought back my confidence. I am really satisfied in my experience with nexus clinic back my confidence. I am really satisfied in my experience with nexus clinic”


Competitive Pricing Policy

We take pride in offering competitive prices because we believe that hair transplant is an essential step for your personal well being


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