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The notion of aesthetic beauty has been challenged over time as cosmetic procedures have taken precedence and become an increasingly popular option for patients looking to feel better about the way they look. Non-invasive treatments and accessibility to a broader audience have been attributed to the rise of cosmetic procedures backed by years of research by experts in the field. Many share the belief that cosmetic procedures provide a quick and easy solution to boost their confidence leading to a positive effect on every aspect of their lives.

Founded in 2001, Mediviron UOA clinic is a premium aestheticcentre that provides a comprehensive range of non-surgical aesthetic procedures and advanced laser treatments. Beginning next month the circle will be rebranded to Nexus Clinic extending their focus and dedication to offer patients confidential and personalised aesthetic services to produce the results that they seek.

“We want to approach everyone holistically and make each person who walks into our clinic the best optimally that they can be whether its internally or extremely” begins Dr Jasmine Ruth Yuvarani, who is also the Clinical Division Director at Nexus Clinic. She works alongside three other full time qualified doctors who are trained in various fields from anti-ageing and genetic screening to facial enhancement and hair loss. “We inter refer our patients so the clinic serves as a niche medical center” she adds.

Dr Jasmine is quick to dispel the notion that Nexus Clinic operates in the same manner as Korean cosmetic clinics as their patients don’t appear looking like clones but rather a very enhanced and most beautiful version that they can achieve. She discloses that years of research on evidence based medicine has revealed that the beautiful face exists if you follow the golden ratio.
“Every part of your face follows the golden ratio. We have been using this medical trick in every aspect of the body and we have been very successful as our patients walk out of the clinic extremely satisfied with the outcome. I don’t tell my patients they need to look like Kim Kardashian or any celebrity but they can be the most optimal that they can achieve while still preserving their natural beauty. “Dr jasmine elaborates.

Besides offering weight loss and other cosmetic procedures Nexus Clinic is also highly regarded for its wellness related programmes. “It’s really hard being a CEO and juggling between 12 hours at work to handling multiple kids at home. With a lot of people feeling exhausted these days what we do is we give you back the energy. Why not be 35 years old and feel like your 25? Why not feel at your optimum? Specializing in anti-aging medicine herself. Dr jasmine has treated countless patients using cell therapy hormonal optimization therapy and nutritional optimization.

As all the procedures offered at Nexus Clinic are non-invasive. Dr Jasmine asserts that the only risk present is skin deep. For example the risk from injection procedures is only from the bruising or redness. For side effects it’s usually from the product or the skill of the person conducting the procedure. Their patients safety and well-being are utmost priority and only the doctors at Nexus Clinic are authorized to do the procedures.

The initial consultation will be conducted by the beauty consultant while the diagnosis will be completed by the doctors who will proceed to carry out the procedure. This method will reassure patients that they are in highly capable hands ‘I see patients on a weekly basis who come in with extremely botched up jobs. They get into complications because the wrong product was injected by a highly unskilled person and this boils down to a lack of awareness. All procedures must be done in a medical premise it has to be a licensed medical product and must be performed by a licensed practitioner” she advice’s.

Nexus Clinic LG 10, Wisma UOA 2 No21 Jalan Pinang, Kuala lumpur www.nexus-clinic.com

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