Ion Magnum reviewed by Blogger, Wilson Ng

Ion Magnum Review

There is a new technology in town with the name of Ion Magnum. This revolution machine is great for muscle building, body toning and body slimming. If you are looking to decrease the size of your stomach and to build you six packs, you should continue to read.

Recently, I revisited Nexus Clinic and they recently brought in their brand new Ion Magnum machine. How Ion Magnum works is totally different than other body slimming machines such as vanquish or coolsculpting.

Ion Magnum works by repeatedly contracts muscles in selected area of your body for one hour per session. In layman term, it exercise your muscles continuously for one hour and just imagine, can you do sit up for one hour non-stop? However, with Ion Magnum you can and that’s why this is such an ideal machine to build the exact muscles you want especially for those who craved for six packs.

The machine can contract your muscles or accelerates cellulite reduction and it all depends on what you need and there will be qualified doctors to consult you before doing this treatment.

So far I did three sessions of Ion Magnum and I can feel the effect of the treatment just after one session. Before I start the treatment, I had my consultation with Dr. Jasmine the owner of Nexus Clinic. The doctor will give the best advice and treatment depending on your health status.
ion magnum mediviron uoa doctor installing gel pads
Before the start of treatment, the consultants will measure my body measurement and then they put on the Ion Magnum pads and stick on to my body. These are gel like pads connected to the machine.
ion magnum mediviron uoa gel pads on tummy
A doctor will be there to double check before I start. Then I will lie down and relax and the treatment will start. The machine will repeatedly contract the selected muscle area via the gel pads for one hour. You will feel the weird sensation at first and some might finds it ticklish. The machine can target either cellulite reduction or muscle contraction with its range of frequency. I choose for more of muscle contraction.

You probably sweat a lot during the one hour session or you can sleep through it. The intensity of contraction can be adjusted depending on your comfort level. I was told one hour of Ion Magnum treatment equals to burning of 5000 calories! That equals to hours of workout in gym!
ion magnum mediviron uoa muscle contraction
The beauty of Ion Magnum you can select the targeted muscle and it could be your shoulder, biceps, thigh, chest or tummy!

After one session, I can feel the effect of the muscles of my tummy. It is similar feeling of doing repeatedly sit ups but I didn’t need to do anything with Ion Magnum. I was told my body will feel tired at the end of the day after the muscle building, fat burning and calories lost with Ion Magnum.

For the next few days, I can feel my muscle reaction (similar to gym workouts) but I had no skin reaction or bruises (unlike many other body slimming treatments). In short I feel great like doing hours of work out in gym by just lying down with Ion Magnum.

Remember that even with Ion Magnum treatment, you still need to watch what you eat as you can easily replace the 5000 calories burnt with fat and high calories food.

Buy 10 sessions and get two sessions for free when you mentioned us “placesandfoods” when you purchase your package at Nexus Clinic.
ion magnum mediviron uoa dr jasmine

(That’s me with Dr. Jasmine, the owner of Nexus Clinic)
For more information with this painless and effective Ion Magnum treat, please visit Nexus Clinic for more info. Nexus Clinic clinic is a certified aesthetic clinic and it is also popular for offering its aesthetic for local and also medical tourism.

Wilson Ng, famous blogger in Malaysia revisited us and tried our Ion Magnum treatment. Before he start the treatment, he went for our doctor consultation to get the best advice and he is very happy with the result. Log in to his website to read more about it at


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