Jawline Slimming reviewed by Blogger, Ashley Ahn


Hey guys, as most of you should know, I got my gummy smile fixed via aesthetic surgery (Botox) previously, I got really hooked on its amazing effect and was thinking of fixing my uber square jaw as well, until Mediviron UOA contacted me a while back asking me to try out their treatment. I was super stoked and said YES immediately.

Located in the strategic Wisma UOA II of the heart of KL, finding the clinic was a breeze, parking wasn’t a problem at all either.

Ok, a little info, my facial structure is actually pretty square on its own already (thanks dad), but the squareness is accentuated by the biting muscles because I grind my teeth unconsciously in my sleep. Dr. Lashela recommended me to have Botox injected in order to relax the muscles, which as a result, will lessen my teeth grinding.

Having numbing cream applied on the treatment area. It takes about 15-20 minutes for the numbing cream to take effect on me, so I was brought to the cozy waiting room while waiting.

So after about 20 minutes, I was brought back to the doctor’s office again for the procedure. Was pretty nervous because I’ve never treated my jaw area before, moreover this is a humungous piece of muscle.

But the numbing cream did work its magic and all I felt was the soreness when the Botox was injected.

Was asked to clench my jaw when the needle is going in, hence the full focus facial expression.

The Botox usually takes its best effect on the 7th to 10th day, and this is the result.


You might think that it’s the angle, but I kid you not. The muscles have definitely gone down a whole lot, and my face shape appears more feminine right now.

Overall I’m really happy with the result, and my teeth grinding has definitely went away. The treatment is only temporary and it will last me about 6 months or so, but I sure do think that it is an investment worth making, no more teeth grinding and tilting your head and camera trying to find a slimmer angle while taking a selfie, I got nothing to complain about!


Famous blogger, Ashley Ahn was invited to our clinic for treatment review. She is excited during consultation with our doctor, as she would like to try jawline slimming treatment to fix her cuber square jaw. She was then very happy with the result and read her story now at her blog!



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