“Maximising Your Child’s Brain Development” Educational Talk

Mediviron UOA Aesthetic Clinic is involved in aesthetic and non-aesthetic related voluntary work as part of our company’s culture of giving back to society. Our staffs and doctors join in medical relief camps, mobile clinics to help the underprivileged, does pro bono treatment for deserving members of society who cannot afford to pay for treatment of disfiguring aesthetic conditions such as birthmarks and skin conditions and organizes free educational talks for the general public.

We organized a successful free health talk open to all at our clinic’s conference room on 3rd September 2010. 20 members of the public attended the hour long talk entitled ‘Maximising Your Child’s Brain Development’, given by an expert nutritionist. Attendees learned that they can increase their children’s IQ with the right stimulation and proper nutrition.

After the talk, it was the speakers time to test the participants if they have been attentive during the talk. A simple quiz session with prizes was held. Later, the participants were feted to lunch and given goodie bags.

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