Our Client’s Experience With Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment

One of our client publishes a blog and wrote on his first-hand experience having Fractional CO2 laser treatment done at our aesthetic clinic.

He has kindly given permission for us to provide you the link.

Our client wrote on his experience on having our Fractional CO2 laser done. Click here to see the entire article on his blog.before after 1

Later, he wrote another entry on his skin’s improvement 1 month after his first session of the laser. Read it on his blog here.

This is what our client wrote regarding his Fractional CO2 laser results:

“I can see that pigmentation on my right cheek has been reduce significantly in size and colour. Its also less noticeable now. For my acne scars, some of it has improved especially the dent on my fore head. However, most of the noticeable result is gone, because I kept having more acne on my face which created newer scars. In general, I do feel the skin is more refined despite the onslaught of acne. I noticed that the bumps on my nose due to blackheads is almost unnoticeable to my eyes. Even my pores seemed smaller now.”

Click here to read more about our Fractional CO2 laser treatment.

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