Our Doctors Interviewed On TV About Hair Loss

Our aesthetic doctors were invited by NTV7 for NTV7 Bella Talkshow hosted by Daphne Iking on August 6th 2012, from Studio 3, Glenmarie. They shared their expertise on causes of hair loss, methods of preventing hair loss and the various treatment options including hair transplant, oral tablets and topical treatments.

Interview topic : Myths and Facts on Hair Loss

Let’s take a look…

IMG_2429 IMG_2427

Our doctor was interviewed by Daphne Iking in the first segment of the show about coin speaker


Doctors from Mediviron UOA Clinic

Looking great & fabulous

For those who wish to watch the entire interview segment on TV, visit : http://www.tonton.com.my/ (Episode 153).You are required to register on their website to login.

Kudos to our Doctors! Happy Viewing 🙂

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