Pigmentation Treatment reviewed by Blogger, Ysquare Chan

Laser or not to Laser

Do you guys know LASER is a short form of something? Laser stands for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”. Learned that during my Form 6 Physics class.
I admit I am not the beauty freak that wants each inch of my body to be perfect, but I do upset by certain area of my body some times. Like most girls, I always hope that I have smaller waist, slimmer arm, less cellulite, fairer skin etc. The only reason I didn’t had any Aesthetic procedure is finance constraint. I know society have very polar opinion on plastic surgery. They claim it as not normal, against “God” ‘s will etc. I even heard of a case where husband sued wife because the child was born ugly . As for the other half of the society, they don’t against plastic surgery because they believe their fate is control by their own hand. I am definitely the later, but I, for sure will let my future husband (also my current boyfriend) know that I am undergoing such surgery. Their decision will not affect me too much, but I do respect their rights to know.
Come back to the topic. I always have this problem, where people keep asking me to wipe my left cheek because there is some dirty there. Those are not dirt; those are hyper pigmentation, which also identify as freckles. I have no idea why, since I was in my teenage years, those freckles develop more and more every now and then. Friends that rarely meet me keep complaining those freckles are becoming larger. Even my boyfriend tries to wipes my cheeks sometimes only to realize it’s not dirt 🙁 I have used different products like face cleanser, toner, moisturizer, essence, spots cream etc. of different brand like brand O, brand H, brand G, brand N, nothings works. My face did get down 1 tone, but the freckles remain.
When I was deployed to Thailand last year, I see Aesthetic shops EVERYWHERE. Every mall has tens of different Aesthetic shops. When I walked by, I had a strong will to go in there to get my freckles done. Be it laser, injection, or skin renewal. Those Aesthetic shops’ display price is surprisingly low. However, I didn’t do it during my stay there. The most dominant reason was communication barrier. Even for just a simple meal, I am not able to deliver what I want to order, how do I have confidence on a mini surgery that affect my face? After return from deploy, I had a little bit of regret, but soon after, hopes come knocking. I was contact by Mediviron UOA for a sponsor treatment. Hooouuu… Kot…… there might be a REAL GOD out there that heard my will….
Nexus Clinic has both out patient and Aesthetic services. You may go to any Nexus Clinic for out patient but only Nexus Clinic in Wisma UOA II has Aesthetic services (also skin & laser treatment)
During my first visit, I consulted Nexus Clinic Aesthetic Dr. on my hopes in doing laser.
She inspected my freckles before came into conclusion.
She suspect the pigmentation was caused by sun damage. Pigmentation cause by sunlight might get a reverse effect from laser i.e getting more pigmentation. So, we have a test on certain area. IF the result is positive, then only we will continue with the rest of my face. Else, we will need to change to other treatment.
So, the assistant help me with some numbing cream the test area.
This is before the laser. Prepare to say good bye to those little bandit that rob my beauty xp ~~
The Doctor did a few shoot under my left ear. When shooting onto the numb area, it was like a light spark of static electric with virtually no sensation. Since she was not the person that applies numbing cream for me, she did a few shot onto un-numb area. The sensation was not good. It was a real electrical shock-like moment and a heavy sunburn sensation follow after.
Immediately after the laser. The area that shoot by laser was elevated. Soon, it turn into a basil seed like bump. Wonder how basil seeds looks like?

It’s like a small seed was raise from the skin and on the middle of the skin is a black dot i.e. the freckle.

Doctor then prescribes hyperpigmentation treatment cream named Quinbloc for me to use once during night time. It has 4% Hydroquinone with sunblock.

3rd day after laser. Those bumps has reduce quite a bit, but those affected area has bruise like marks left on the “crime scene”. Skin feel sore like sunburn.
4th day, I use a better camera, yeah my personal DSLR that I used to shoot those yummy food on this blog,
The bump was totally submerged but the marks are visible. The sunburn sensation was also on the minimum level.
5th day, the mark looks like little red ant crawling on my neck. I started to feel scared and kindda regret of my decision to do laser. Seems like I got reverse effect from laser.
7th day, skin barely feel any difference, no in-comfort sensation, so I used a brush ( Clarisonic) to sweep through those marks. I usually use Clarisonic once a day. But I skipped it for 1 whole week, afraid that it might cause scar on this sensitive area. After a 1 minute sweep, all the marks was gone! No bruise mark or freckles spotted on the affected area.
9th day, laser has no reverse effect. Those freckles now stay clean from my laser treated area.
I am very excited. Although the downtime for laser treatment on my skin is quite long, the effect is positive. Tomorrow, I will return to Nexus Clinic again to execute laser the remaining of he freckles. Wish me luck! ^_^

Blogger, Ysquare came to our clinic on March 2014 and she was consulted by Dr.Jasmine regarding her freckles (a type of pigmentation) problem on her one side face. Dr.Jasmine suggested the Medlite Laser treatment to lighten the area and she is excited with the result.

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