Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment Malaysia

Platelet-rich plasma injection treatment is a form of regenerative injection therapy that can harness the healing properties of our blood and enhance the natural growth of our skin tissues. When injected into damaged tissue, patients’ own platelets (growth factors) stimulate healing. The procedure includes separating blood cells from plasma, the blood’s liquid component.

The procedure revitalizes the skin, stimulates collagen formation, and reduces skin laxity. After the treatment, your skin may feel more toned, revitalized, and radiant. It can also be applied to hair to stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss.

How Does Platelet-Rich Plasma (Prp) Work?

Initially, blood is collected from the patient’s body in a way comparable to a blood test. The blood is then placed in a machine that separates the blood cells, platelets, and serum. This is then re-injected into the part of the body seeking treatment or rejuvenation and is commonly referred to as “Dracula” or “Vampire” therapy.

Platelets assist the body in self-repair by producing growth factors that stimulate the skin cells to build new tissue, as well as improve skin tone and collagen synthesis. This allows the skin to regenerate healthily and seem more vivid and full.

The growth factors also stimulate dormant hair follicles to produce new hairs to replace those that have fallen out. This aids in preventing both hair thinning and baldness. It promotes healing of the skin, and thanks to the active synthesis of new tissue, your scalp should grow considerably healthier over time.

Benefits Of Platelet-Rich Plasma (Prp)

This treatment is not just a fad or a trend; it provides genuine skin and hair care advantages. In addition to promoting the growth of new, healthy cells and healing, PRP injection helps to:

  • Offer face and skin revitalization
  • Encourage hair regrowth
  • Rejuvenate tired eyes
  • Enhance skin elasticity, luminosity, and complexion
  • Treat delicate and challenging areas
  • Non-artificial cosmetic injectable
  • Long-lasting results
  • Increase face volume

What Problems Does It Help?

Acne Scars

Active Acne / Acne Scar

Acne, a skin ailment that affects both adults and adolescents, is more prevalent during puberty but can afflict anyone at any point in adulthood. Acne arises when skin pores, which are related to oil glands via follicles, become clogged with oil. This accumulation of oil obstructs the passages via which a natural liquid known as sebum helps to clear dead skin cells, resulting in the formation and growth of zits. A consistent PRP treatment for acne will result in more vibrant, supple, and smooth skin.


Wrinkles / Fine Lines

Wrinkles are an inevitable consequence of aging and a natural consequence of the skin’s inability to create collagen. It binds the skin together, keeping its firmness and elasticity, and its absence renders the skin incapable of returning to its original position. As a result, skin begins to develop creases and folds, which eventually become wrinkles and fine lines. In addition to a lack of collagen, facial expressions, prolonged sun exposure, and dehydration can all contribute to the development of wrinkles.

Platelets will be injected into the affected area to encourage the formation of collagen in the dermis. This collagen formation aids in reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Dull Skin

Several reasons can lead to dull skin, but the most prevalent is insufficient nighttime sleep (less than 7 hours minimum). As a result of busy work schedules and the frantic city lifestyle, sleep deprivation is nearly the standard for many people, and dull skin is frequent among working persons. The creation of dark eye circles, eye bags, and wrinkles all contribute to the skin’s general dullness and fatigued appearance. It may also result in dry skin, which contributes to the accumulation of dead skin cells. The regeneration of collagen stimulated by PRP injections will result in improved skin texture, a more youthful appearance, and a more radiant complexion.


Individuals with oily skin are more likely to experience enlarged pores due to the accumulation of sebum and grime. This causes the skin to expand, making pores appear larger than they actually are. Aging causes the skin to lose its firmness and elasticity, and the inability of the skin to snap back into place causes pores to expand. In order to protect itself from the sun’s UV radiation, the skin generates more skin cells along the pores’ margins, which unfortunately enlarges the pores. The PRP injection, which contains a high concentration of growth factors, will stimulate the regeneration of new skin cells, significantly improving the texture and look of the skin. The new skin layer will appear more radiant, healthy, and polished.

Eye Bags and Dark Eye Circles

Eye bags and dark circles are a regular occurrence, and many people over the age of 20 will inevitably get them. Usually, a lack of quality sleep and exercise is the primary cause, while a diet high in salt exacerbates the problem. This results in the creation of eye bags and dark circles due to the stretching of the skin beneath the eyes.


Aging is another factor, as the ligaments and muscles that maintain facial fat in place diminish with age. This, in turn, causes sagging, which results in the fat below the eyes being more pronounced. PRP will stimulate the development of new collagen and elastin in the affected region. This procedure will stimulate the regeneration of new, healthy skin tissue, resulting in gradual, natural, and visible improvement within two to three months of a single treatment.

How Many RM Does It Cost?

This healing and anti-inflammatory therapy is anticipated to cost between RM 1,500 and RM 6,000. The cost of PRP therapy may vary based on the patient’s condition and function. Typically, the cost of PRP treatment for the knee is greater than that of the face, hair loss, or sexual function.

PRP injections for the face, hair loss, and sexual enhancement cost approximately RM 2,000 at Nexus Clinic. While knee and breast PRP costs are approximately RM 2,500. Patients are urged to seek out an authorized PRP provider prior to receiving any injections or chemicals. Our experts, who are fully educated to handle medical and cosmetic cases, will assess and diagnose you prior to prescribing the most appropriate treatment.

Where Can I Get These Therapies?

Visit our experts if you are concerned about skin blemishes, hair loss, or under-eye problems to determine which treatment or combination of therapies is ideal for you. PRP treatment is gaining popularity in Malaysia as it provides patients with superior and quicker results.

Alternately, you may book an appointment at one of our clinics in:

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