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Saxenda Medication Right Dosage Malaysia – Nexus Clinic

Saxenda is a medication that can aid in weight loss. Finding the proper dosage for your body is crucial for achieving optimal results with minimal adverse side effects. This article will discuss how to determine the appropriate Saxenda dosage for your needs.

Consult with Nexus Clinic

It is essential to consult with accurate healthcare provider like Nexus Clinic before starting treatment with Saxenda to ensure it is a safe and appropriate option. Here in Nexus, will examine your medical history and current medications to determine if Saxenda is your proper treatment.

We will will also establish the optimal starting dose based on several factors, including weight. The initial dose of Saxenda is typically 0.6 mg, taken once a day. Still, this amount may be increased during treatment.

Always Follow Dosing Instructions

If you have been given you dosage instructions for Saxenda, it is crucial to follow them. Saxenda is administered through injection once daily, at any time, and can be taken with or without food. Remember, Saxenda is only one injection per day.

It is essential to follow the instructions for injecting Saxenda, which should be done beneath the skin in the belly, thigh, or upper arm. It is also necessary to change the injection location to prevent inflammation.

Gradually Increase Dosage

You can gradually increase the dosage of Saxenda throughout treatment to achieve the medication’s full potential. Your healthcare provider will calculate the correct dosage increase based on your progress in reducing body fat and any potential adverse effects.

The manufacturer recommends a maximum daily dose of 3 mg, which should never be exceeded.

Watch for Adverse Effects

It is essential to monitor for possible adverse effects while using Saxenda. Nausea, diarrhea, constipation, and stomach discomfort are common side effects, but they tend to improve over time.

Adjust Dosage as Needed

Suppose you experience significant side effects while using Saxenda. In that case, your healthcare provider may lower the dosage or recommend you stop taking the medication altogether. When adjusting the dosage of Saxenda, following your healthcare provider’s instructions is essential.

Suppose you do not see significant weight loss results while using Saxenda. Your healthcare provider may suggest adjusting the dosage or exploring other weight loss options in that case.


Determining the correct dosage of Saxenda is essential for achieving optimal weight loss results and minimizing the risk of adverse effects. Before starting treatment with Saxenda, discuss the medication with your healthcare provider and strictly follow the dosing instructions. Gradually increasing the dosage over time is possible, but monitor for potential adverse effects. If significant side effects occur or weight loss results are not observed, consult healthcare providers here in Nexus!

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