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Over the years, unhealthy diets, wind, pollutions, electromagnetic waves, fumes, harsh UV rays from sunlight, chemical fertilizers, herbicides, drugs, pesticides, insecticides, excessive alcohol, physical, mental, and emotional stress, and industrial smog are some elements that could be responsible for the way your skin looks now.

As our skin ages with time, more of its connective materials (collagen & elastin) that bind the epidermis to the dermis and support the dermis layer are lost.

In our thirties, skin color or tone and some lines may appear uneven. By the age of forty, deeper permanent surface lines from the depletion of the padding under the skin are easily found in most individuals.

Moreover, changes in blood circulation might mean changes in our natural blush and color. Dark spots from sun damage may show up.

We may notice deeper lines, sagging and drier skin, and dark pigmentation when we reach our fifties.

With all these aging indications, we must nourish our aged cells with new vigor and vitality for ageless skin and timeless beauty.

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What is Cellular Therapy?

Cellular Therapy has existed for thousands of years, promising the most potent, natural anti-aging effect. Dating way back to 1552 BC.

With over 80 years of intensive research and over 8 million clinical applications, Cellular Therapy has emerged as the foremost in modern medical science.

Cellular Therapy, in its most rudimentary form, describes introducing new cells into a tissue to treat aging and chronic or degenerative diseases. Your body contains roughly four trillion cells, continually in use throughout your life.

From time to time, when these cells get damaged or wear out due to age, they are replaced by new cells. While you are still young, this ongoing, brisk process encourages an energetic and balanced bio-terrain.

However, this excellent cellular renewal process begins to dawdle and become sluggish as you age. Old, malfunctioning cells start to be replaced less often, leading to a slowdown in our bodily functions.

Very often, and sadly so, modern lifestyle also contributes much to the slackening of cellular renewal in our bodies. Poor, unbalanced nutrition, processed sugars, food additives, unhealthy lifestyles, heavy smoking, alcoholism, carcinogenic pollutants, pesticides, stress, etc., can wreak havoc on your delicate cellular structure, causing your body to malfunction at its most organic level.

The inability to replace and restore old, malfunctioning cells makes you vulnerable to premature aging and chronic, degenerative diseases.

Cell therapy aims to awaken dormant cells within the human body, stimulating the growth and function of existing tissue and repairing or regenerating old and malfunctioning cells.

Cellular Therapy offers what vitamins, minerals, and other conventional or natural treatments cannot. It can provide the components necessary for injured or diseased tissue to heal and regenerate.

While most pharmaceutical drugs work by suppressing specific symptoms over a short period and only for as long as they are taken, cell therapy stimulates the body’s healing and revitalizing powers and exerts a long-term effect.


Stem cells are undifferentiated cells of multi-cellular organisms that can develop into more cells of the same kind or differentiate to become another kind of cells, such as nerve cells, muscle cells, etc.

Stem cells act as a particular type of internal repair system in many tissues by dividing accordingly without limit to replenish other cells.


Stem cells are categorized based on their potency and ability to self-renew. Potency is the ability to differentiate into new specialized cells.

There are three main types of stem cells: embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells, and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs).

Embryonic stem cells:

As the name suggests, embryonic stem cells are obtained from embryos. This type of stem cell requires specific signals to differentiate into particular cell types.

They are secluded from the inner cell mass (of blastocysts of preimplantation stage embryos). The cells have limitless expansion and pluripotency potential. They play a significant role in regenerative medicine and tissue replacement after disease or injury.

However, there are significant ethical issues in using embryonic stem cells for treatment. It is controversial mainly because the cells are produced by destroying an embryo.

Besides, its usage is illegal in many countries, i.e., Germany, Austria, Ireland, Italy, and Portugal.

Adult stem cells:

This type of stem cell is found in many types of tissues in the body, i.e., the bone marrow, brain, blood, skeletal muscles, liver, and skin.

Furthermore, the stem cells are acquired from the intended recipient via an autograft, reducing immune rejection risks.

Adult stem cells are used/have been used successfully for years to treat leukemia among many related bone and blood cancers via bone marrow transplants.

Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs):

These somatic cells have undergone genetic reprogramming to become or act like embryonic stem cells.

The cells are reprogrammed to express essential genes for maintaining critical embryonic stem cell properties.

Induced pluripotent stem cells are helpful in drug development and modeling of diseases today, although additional research is needed.


Stem cells are extracted or collected for transplant, depending on the source. Stem cells can be collected from the bone marrow, umbilical cord, dental pulp, circulating blood, etc.

Umbilical cord tissue is a popular source of MSCs for regenerative and anti-aging Therapy. This is because MSCs from the umbilical cord originate from extraembryonic tissue, which holds better stem cell properties than other sources of MSCs, such as fat, due to the donor’s age.

The umbilical cord and donor’s blood are screened for infectious diseases (according to WHO standards) and cultured in a sterile environment to avoid contamination.

Every batch of cultured MSCs is tested for microbial contamination and harmful bacterial toxins before being approved for clinical usage.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy in Malaysia

Stem cells have many benefits over conventional treatment methods. We can mention several positive benefits of stem cells; here, we highlight the most notable benefits:

  1. Potential to reverse diseases: Stem cells offer a renewable source of new replacement cells for individuals suffering from conditions like Parkinson’s, heart attack, and genetic defects that cause cell damage or defects. Many diseases that were hard to treat or incurable in the past can now be treated using stem cell therapy.
  2. Speeds up healing: Stem cell therapy has been found to reduce the time it takes for injuries to heal.
  3. Reduces pain: It’s less painful to treat conditions such as chronic joint pain using stem cells.
  4. Increases functionality: Stem cell therapy also increases flexibility and range of motion when used to treat joint pain.
  5. Stem cell studies have shown that the treatment reduces muscle compensation and the risk of injuries in the future.
  6. Stem cell therapy has also been found to prevent hair loss and scar tissue formation when used to treat burns and wounds.
  7. Stem cell therapy has also reduced over-dependence on conventional medicine.

Why you should choose Stem Cell Therapy at Nexus Clinic

The most common role of stem cells is their ability to develop into different organs. Still, they also have other properties that can be very important for healing.

Stem cells produce over 30 kinds of growth factors and tissue chemicals that initiate the healing process in the body. Stem cells help assemble other local and systemic mesenchymal stem cells to focus on repairing damaged tissue and organs. They are also active in immune modulation to support or suppress T-cell work in the body.

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