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Venus Freeze Body Contouring

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Venus Freeze Body Contouring

Venus Freeze is a non-invasive treatment that combines Radio Frequency (RF) and Magnetic Pulses into a technology called (MP)². This unique combination has the ability to access deeply, comfortably, and safely into the skin in order to achieve optimum results

Venus Freeze treatments are effective in circumference reduction, improving cellulite, skin tightening and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Our Promise is to provide you with a safe, pleasant, pain-free experience in treatments for the body and face parts including arms, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, neck and face.

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FAQ & Questions.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions by you, answered by our doctors.

The Venus Freeze treatments are for anyone who feels that their appearance could be slightly improved by skin tightening. Venus Freeze works exceptionally well for mothers looking to eradicate saggy skin post-pregnancy.

Venus Freeze treatments use pulsed magnetic fields and radio frequency to consistently and uniformly heat the skin from the inside out, without the threat of laser burns. The collagen fibres heat up resulting in skin tightening to attain exceptional results.

Venus Freeze treatments are non-invasive and painless, with many patients comparing the treatment to a hot-stone massage! The treatment is also very quick and effortless– only 15 minutes for the face and 40 minutes for the body. You will love the results when you see them, scroll down for more exciting information and to see if Venus Freeze is right for you.

Venus Freeze works by incorporating Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Magnetic Pulsed Fields into one device and delivering it safely and effectively to the patient.

Skin tightening, wrinkle reduction and cellulite reduction occur because the multi-polar radio frequency causes a thermal reaction in the tissue which stimulates the body’s natural healing response. That restoring response causes new collagen to form, and the production of new elastin fibres. The active collagen in the skin contracts, causing skin to look and feel firmer and the elastin fibres unravel making the skin appear more elastic.

  • Do you want to improve the look, feel and shape of resistant areas that do not respond to traditional exercise and diets?
  • Would you like to decreases wrinkles and obtain a fresh youthful look without the use of painful needles or complicated surgery?
  • Have you considered improving your appearance by tightening skin, circumferential reduction and decreasing cellulite?
  • Are you looking for a non-invasive and painless approach?
  • Venus Freeze treatments succeed at tightening skin in the face, neck and entire body. Many patients experience firmer skin, softening of wrinkles and a more youthful appearance. Body treatments show reduced cellulite and a more contoured figure.

Cellulite is a term used to describe the dimpled appearance of skin produced by fat deposits that are just below the surface of the skin and is most commonly found around the thighs, buttocks, hips and sometimes abdomen. The fat deposits are separated by strands of collagen fibres. The break-down of these strands combined with accumulation of fat beneath the skin, cause the fat cells to bulge out, creating the orange peel-like appearance on the skins surface. Factors such as genetics, hormones, diet, lifestyle and even clothing may contribute to cellulite. Although it is found in both men and women, cellulite is far more common among the female population.

An effective cellulite reduction treatment will increase collagen production, reduce fat mass and improve dermal blood circulation. Venus Freeze treatments and its innovative technology work to effectively reduce cellulite with proven scientific results.

Venus Freeze uniformly and intensively heats the sub dermis layer of skin where cellulite is located. The deep penetrating heat is applied to fat bundles to produce new collagen formation and stimulate blood circulation, all of which reduce the appearance of cellulite almost immediately.

Achieving a sculpted looking figure is difficult even after dramatic weight loss. It also may be very challenging returning your body to its pre-pregnancy silhouette. Many individuals struggle with accepting their body because diet and exercise don’t always work in accomplishing ones fitness goals.

An effective circumference reduction treatment will act on multiple levels — improving skin tone, reducing cellulite and increasing dermal blood flow, to produce a noticeable decrease in measurements. Venus Freeze increases collagen and elastin production and triggers enzyme liposys- which means that Venus Freeze will tighten skin, decrease fat mass and restructure blood circulation, resulting in a notably slimmer looking figure.

Magnetic pulse treatment can work with in combination with botox, liposuction, facelifts and other surgical procedures to decrease wrinkles, tighten skin and reduce cellulite improving your overall appearance. The procedure produces fast results with no pain or recovery time.