With hairy legs, why should your head go bald?

 Close up of young Caucasian man shaving hair from legs



KUALA LUMPUR, 11 July 2016: 

No one really pays much attention to hair visible on the legs – unless the plan is to soon be in shorts, skirts or some form of swimwear that will let you show off splendidly smooth limbs.

And once this process of removing excess hair begins – typically by shaving – hair removal can move to the chest and armpits too, with possibly scissors appearing for nostrils and the shaggy mane on top.

But when you start losing hair – especially at the head – should you still continue shaving off what others may describe as unsightly excess hair?

If you do, it’s time to stop – now!

Because this excess hair could be just the solution you need to restore missing follicles and regain a full head of hair.

Hair transplants work the same way as with other organs – you need a donor first and hope your body doesn’t reject it later. Since the hair is yours in the first place, transplant rejection risk becomes effectively slim to none.

This option is also far superior to drugs available to address hair loss as you’d also have to consider side-effects plus the possibility these may not be effective in the long term.

And chances are you’d have hair on the head as long as the original source is still sprouting healthily.

To find out if hair transplant will be your best bet, it is best to consult a doctor. And once you’ve one the necessaries, chances are you’d have this done via a variety of non-invasive treatments such as platelet rich plasma (PRP), mesotherapy or even medicated shampoo & supplements.

It takes several rounds of treatment for the hair transplant to fully take effect – because this is a very delicate process after all that should best be handled by professionals.

Such professionals can be found right here in the heart of KL city centre – at the Nexus Clinic – and the first consultation is free. For more information, go to www.nexus-clinic.com/nexus.



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