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Facelift Cost – Is it worth the price? Nexus Clinic Kuala Lumpur

Always wanted the facelift you desired but were you not sure of the cost of the treatment? Well not to worry, we have come up with a cost comparison for the treatment you desire. For those who are still in the dark about facelifts, well facelifts are the contouring of the face and non surgical restructuring. It can be done with the assistance of thread liftsradiofrequencybotoxmedispa and even lasers. In the past we have provided you with the best clinics for facelifts in Kuala Lumpur, well now we are providing you with the cost of the treatment so that you can have an idea regarding the treatment options available for you.


Cost / sessionStarts at RM 2500Starts from RM 1200Starts at RM 800Starts at RM 500
ConsCons : there may be swelling and bruising following the procedure. The procedure can also be quite expensive depending on the number of the treads required for the targeted results.Cons : this procedure has a lower success rate and requires multiple sessions to obtain the required results. affordable than surgical face slimming procedures. There is Zero downtime and the injections can be done as an outpatient procedure with the client returning to work that day itself.Cons : There may be allergic reactions towards the Botox toxin. Some people may have exaggerated paralysis of the muscles if not performed properly.Cons : there may be slight peeling of the skin with swelling and redness. Certain people may have an adverse reaction towards the treatment.
Description Ever wondered what thread lifts are? It is the insertion of degradable threads under the skin via injections to lift the sagging skin, promote collagen growth and even contour the face. It does not require surgery or anaesthesia. Topical numbing agents are sufficient.In this procedure heat is applied on the skin to reduce the sagging and wrinkles by increasing collagen growth. Not to worry the heat is safe, it wont burn the skin.Botox injections are known by everyone. Well what you need to know about Botox is how it works. Botox injections are injections of a FDA approved toxin which temporarily relaxes the muscle underneath. This in turn provided you with the smooth facial appearance sans wrinklesNexus Aesthetic Medispa comes together with Radio Frequency machine to help in instant lifting of the jawline area.
ProsPros : the results of thread lifts are immediate. The thread lift can be done to different parts of the face.Pros : there is zero downtime to this procedure. This procedure has minimal side effects and can be done on all skin types.Pros : this treatment has zero downtime and can be done at any time and to any area of the face.Pros : treatment has no downtime and can be done on a weekly basis. Cons: Not as much lifting as comparing to other choices.
Success rate80%55%80%40%
RemarkThread Lifts can be done at any time unlike the traditional face lift which is a surgical procedureIt can be done concurrently with other procedures such as PRP treatmentsBotox can be used for facelifts, wrinkle reduction and even to reduce excessive sweating.It can be at any time unlike the traditional face lift.
Risk Factor5/10 3/105/10 1/10
Pain Scale7/102/102/101/10
Time taken30 to 45 minutes depending on the number of threads15 to 30 minutes per session.15 to 30 minutes per session.30 to 45 minutes.

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