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With the advance in the medical technology in par with the development in the field of aesthetics, we have discovered many new alternatives to beautify one’s features as well as to redefined them to produce a more astonishing and refreshed appearance. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia not wanting to be missed out, has hopped on this aesthetic train and moving towards more progressive aesthetic services. Nowadays many alterations can be made when it comes to our facial features especially when it comes to our nose, chin, cheeks, lips and brows. Need a lift? Well, with the help of the new treatments such as Botox and Derma Filler, we can assist you achieve the look you desire. Within minutes, you will be on your way to a younger tomorrow. Well, to know a little about the area that is being treated, we have sum up a table of comparison to make it easier for you to browse through and the cost of each treatment on target areas are stated as well to make it easier for you.


ParameterNoseLipsCheeksChinBrow Lift
Cost / sessionStarts from RM 2000Starts from RM 2000Starts from RM 2000Starts from RM 2000Starts from RM 2000
Description Most of us desire such high and sharp nose as the celebrities these days. Using some treatment such as Derma Filler this desire can be achieved easily as it helps to shape the nose and at the same time giving a more elegant and graceful look.Nowadays, it seems to be a trend for many to shape their lips like the popular celebrity, ‘Kylie Jenner’. The plump and voluminous lips can be achieved in no time with the help of some treatment like Derma Filler or Botox.Ever wondered how many can have such high cheek bone and as they age they appear to be wrinkle free over the cheeks. Well, it all can be done with the assistance of treatments such as Derma Filler or Botox.Wanting a sharp jawline free rom double chin seems to be everyone’s dream. Not to worry as Derma Filler or Botox can help with that. Just a little touch here and there you can have a sharp, well defined jaw line. Droopy brows can be a bit of a turn off. Not anymore as Derma Filler or Botox can help give it a brow lift and allow you to look glamorous as always.
ProsIt gives a more sharp and edgy nose. It also produces a high nose that appears more graceful.It provides the lips with a little volume giving a more picture perfect ‘duck face’ look.It helps build a strong and well defined cheek bone making one’s face appear slimmer than usual.It produces a sharp jawline that gives a little more shape to the chin as well as making it look well defined.It provides a beautiful brow lift that gives a more well defined brow shape maintaining elegance at the same time.
ConsThe effects of fillers will last only several months so a continuous treatment is needed if you want the effects to lastIt might make the lips a lot bigger than we desire therefore making the lips appear extremely huge.Its effect last only for several months and if not repeated then the effect might just wear off.The chin might need a few more sessions to obtain the desired result.It may not be suitable for everyone as it is only for certain target group only.
Success rate75%80%70%75%50%
RemarkHave the tendency to make the nose look more bulky than normal.Afraid it might appear bigger than it’s supposed to be.The area needs to be scar free before proceeding with any treatment.Might require several sessions before a good result can be obtained.Not suitable for everyone as it may not suit their face.
Risk FactorThere are several risk factors that should be taken into consideration before continuing with procedures for shaping the nose such as any hypertrophic scars or keloid on the nose as well as any signs of infection. Otherwise, pregnant ladies and breastfeeding mothers should also watch out before proceeding further.Associated risk factors such as any infection or immunocompromised patients and scars either hypertrophic or keloids should be revised before treatment at the lips. Otherwise, pregnant ladies and breastfeeding mothers should also watch out before proceeding further.Caution should be practiced in those with scars such as hypertrophic or keloids and immunocompromised or those with infection when undergoing any treatment at the cheeks. Otherwise, pregnant ladies and breastfeeding mothers should also watch out before proceeding further.Some undergoing treatment for the chin need to watch out if they have the following risk factors such as infection, immunocompromised and hypertrophic or keloid scars. Otherwise, pregnant ladies and breastfeeding mothers should also watch out before proceeding further.Few risk factors are such as infection, immunocompromised, keloids and hypertrophic scars should be looked for before procedures related to the brow. Otherwise, pregnant ladies and breastfeeding mothers should also watch out before proceeding further.
Pain Scale4/104/102/102/104/10
Time takenTakes about minutesTakes about minutesTakes about minutesTakes about minutesTakes about minutes

The gist of it, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia can help you redefine your facial features as per your desire. Possessing some of the top aesthetic centres in Southeast Asia such as Nexus and Mediviron, they can provide you with professional services as well as aestheticians. What more do you need? The treatments offered such as Botox and Derma Filler can all be obtained at these premises and not to forget consultations as well by skillful medical personnel along with affordable cost range of each treatment.

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I was extremely pleased with the service, and my results from Nexus Aesthetic Clinic. Nexus Clinic was very informative, and comforting. The day of the appointment also went very smoothly. The patient care consultant was kind while getting me set up for the procedure. The process was painless, and the results were immediate. Five months later, I am still super happy with the results. I feel that my face looks natural, and definitely more youthful. Thank you to the whole staff at Nexus Aesthetic Clinic.

Dr. Jasmine is amazing ! I had a full face dermal filler treatment which included cheeks, midface , eyes, nose, chin and lips . My results are very natural and beautiful looking . I’m more confident and find myself wearing less makeup then I did before, I feel like I have nothing to hide. I couldn’t be happier with my results ! Recovery was easy I had zero bruising and minimal swelling of my lips . Thank you Nexus, you did an amazing job!

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*Results May Vary

*Results May Vary

*Results May Vary