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Pico Laser Treatment Malaysia

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Pico Laser Treatment Malaysia

Pico laser is widely considered as one of the market’s most advanced laser treatments. With a high success rate and 92% client satisfaction, the Pico laser is a popular option for skin rejuvenation.

Nexus Clinic offers Pico laser therapy using the most advanced equipment to ensure that our clients have the best possible experience and obtain the best possible outcomes from the process.

FAQ & Questions.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions by you, answered by our doctors.

Pico laser generates laser-induced breakdowns (LIOB) in the dermis and epidermal layer using picosecond laser energy. The laser fragmentation will destroy the targeted skin cells that are responsible for pigmentation and uneven skin tone, while simultaneously generating pressure waves that stimulate the inflammatory healing response.

The healing response will increase collagen formation, restoring the skin’s youthful appearance and organically lifting it. Consequently, Pico laser treatment allows you to have a perfect, elevated, more youthful appearance. Pico laser treatment offers you the opportunity to have younger, better-looking skin without the inconveniences of a lengthy recovery period or unwanted side effects, as opposed to older methods of laser treatment in which intense heat energy was used to burst skin cells, which was often painful and left patients with a lengthy downtime.

The Pico laser is capable of performing all and more of the same tasks as conventional laser treatments. It utilizes focused beams of light to cure injured bodily regions.

  • Removes unsightly tattoos
  • Promotes skin regeneration
  • Reduce acne scarring
  • Reduce age spots and pigmentation
  • Resurfacing the skin and reducing wrinkles
  • Improve skin texture
  • Tighten skin Remove damaged and dead skin cells

Stimulate the synthesis of new collagen

Suitable for all skin types

Acne Scar

Acne is a transitory issue that will resolve itself over time, but it typically leaves a scar that is sometimes permanent. After a wound or injury, the skin recovers naturally as a result of a natural biological mechanism. When the dermis layer of the skin is injured, the excessive production of collagen fibers leads to the formation of scars.

Acne scars result from inflammatory lesions. Your skin will develop lesions when the follicle or pore becomes clogged with dead skin cells, excess oil, and bacteria. When a pore swells, it causes a rupture in the follicular wall, and if it is close to the skin’s surface, the lesion might heal rapidly.

In order to repair the damage, our skin will generate new collagen fibers. Collagen is the natural protein responsible for the luster and pliability of the skin. However, the repaired skin will never be as smooth and faultless as it was before the damage, resulting in a scar. Pico laser is the most recent laser treatment for acne scars, in which high-energy light is beamed into the targeted area and micro-injuries are created in the epidermis following treatment. It promotes the skin’s regeneration by promoting the healing process.

Tattoo Removal

Since ancient times, the common assumption has been that tattooed images or words are permanent. We have finally reached the point where lasers can be used to remove tattoos, thanks to the wonder of science. Typically, lasers are used to break up the ink particles in a tattoo into tiny particles during tattoo removal. Multiple laser tattoo removal sessions, often separated by several weeks, are required for a complete removal. As a result of the process, the tattoo will lighten over time. Depending on the size, style, and color of the original tattoo, a skillfully executed cover-up may leave it completely undetectable.

Pico laser treatment employs extremely brief laser pulses (one quadrillionth of a second in duration) to apply such high pressure to the ink particle beneath the skin. The pigment will then fragment into microscopic dust-like particles that will be absorbed by the immune system before being expelled from the body.

The strategy is one method that maintains Pico laser treatment in the public consciousness. Due to the distinctive manner in which the Pico laser’shatters’ the ink on the skin, you will require less sessions. Previously, laser tattoo removal required an average of 10 to 20 sessions for a tiny professional tattoo (up to 5cm square), but with the Pico laser, only 4 to 6 sessions are required to erase the tattoo, leaving almost no trace. Pico laser tattoo removal would save you more time and money while removing your tattoo.

Pigmentation / Spots of Old Age / Melasma

When exposed to sunlight, the skin is prompted to generate melanin, a chemical that protects against the sun’s UV radiation. Pigmentation happens when an excessive amount of melanin is produced by the skin and concentrated over a large region, forming dark, visible patches. Although it is harmless, some persons may find it ugly and seek therapy for it. Pigmentation can also be caused by frequent picking at the skin, acne, inflammation of the skin, hormonal fluctuations, and some medicines and medications.

The skin manufactures melanin as a defense mechanism against the sun’s UV radiation and has its own method to resist them. When the melanin generated is concentrated in a cluster of small patches, grey, brown, or black age spots appear on the skin.

When the laser is absorbed by pigmented lesions, the melanin and pigment particles will break apart. Pico laser uses picosecond pulses to treat skin complexion, which means the skin heats up faster and is less likely to become hyperpigmented. The treatments not only help to renew and tone the skin, but they also promote a cleaner and more youthful appearance.

Dull skin

The Pico laser penetrates deeply into the dermal layer of the skin in order to stimulate collagen formation. This causes an intensive repair reaction and the release of more collagen. Collagen has excellent water retention properties, which are crucial for skin hydration. It improves the appearance, brightness, and general complexion of the skin.


Pores & Texture

As a result of the collagen-inducing qualities of the Pico laser, it helps the skin restore its elasticity. As collagen levels rise, skin tissue strength increases as well. This will restore the pores to their original size.

Pico laser is commonly used to cure skin imperfections and remove tattoos. The same applies to its cost. Depending on the difficulty, the cost of a single pico laser session may vary. Cost estimates range between RM 900 and RM 5,000.

At Nexus Clinic, pico laser treatment to correct skin flaws costs approximately RM 1,500 and tattoo removal costs approximately RM 600. For tattoo removal, the cost of a single pico laser session will vary on the tattoo’s size, color density, and pigments.

With the combination of our physician’s expertise and pico laser short-pulse technology, you no longer have to worry about your skin being damaged by excessive heat, which can cause discomfort, redness, and significant recovery time.

Nexus Clinic utilizes the most advanced PICO LASER technology in Malaysia to achieve superior results and customer satisfaction. Our professional doctors also offer medical and cosmetic consultations to patients with concerns and issues. All treatments are conducted by our highly qualified and professional physicians. Our pricing are quite low, and we offer the most effective solutions on the market.

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