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Non-Surgical Eye Bag Removal in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

What causes bags under the eyes and dark circles?

Bags under the eyes are unwanted signs of aging. It is seen as puffiness and swelling of the eyelids. As you grow older, the tissues around your eyes weakens and the fat which normally supports the surrounding eye droops to the lower eyelid giving it the puffy appearance. At times, fluid may also accumulate around the eyes to add to the swelling. Eye bags are rarely a sign of an underlying medical condition and are more of a cosmetic concern. As for dark circles under the eyes, it is due to the prominence of the blood vessels under the skin in that area that gives it the darkened appearance. There are a few causes for eye bags and dark circles :

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FAQ & Questions.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions by you, answered by our doctors.

The home remedies for eye bag and dark circle removal are :

  • Cold compress : Icing the area around your eyes helps shrink the blood vessels and tauts the skin, reducing the swelling and puffiness
  • Reduce salt and fluids before bedtime : By doing this you will reduce the fluid retention throughout the night.
  • Quit smoking : It not only helps with your skin but your overall health.
  • Rest : Get your required amount of sleep so that your skin is healthy the next morning.
  • Pillows : Use a slightly elevated pillow while sleeping to prevent fluid retention in the face while sleeping.
  • Antihistamines : If you are prone to allergic reactions, ask your doctor for a antihistamine dose and avoid allergens to prevent allergic reactions from happening.
  • Makeup : You can cover up  the dark circles and eye bags with concealers if required.
  • A more permanent method to remove eye bags is by ultrasound. It involves high intensity ultrasound beams directed into the area beneath the eyes to promote collagen synthesis, this in turn reduces eye bags and dark circle formation.
  • Botox injection into the eyelids also helps remove eye bags.
  • Laser resurfacing surgeries are also known to help reduce eye bags and dark circles around the eyes.

The non-surgical method for eye bag and dark circle removal is done using high intensity ultrasound frequency. It is a non invasive and extremely safe method. This ultrasound is directed towards the target area like the eyelids and under eye. The ultrasound frequency stimulates collagen formation. This new collagen formation then strengthens the tissue and muscles beneath the eyelid reducing the appearance of eye bags and the collagen also reduces the dark circles under the eyes by thickening the skin of the eyelid.

It is a very short term procedure taking only upto 2 to 3 hours, with a 30 minute duration per area depending on how many areas of the face need to be targeted.

There are many ways to reduce eye bags and dark circles from the face. Some of the treatment choices available are plasma rich platelets, mesotherapy, dermal fillers, botox injections, laser resurfacing methods and even eyelid surgery.

  • PRP ( plasma rich platelets ) : injecting one’s own centrifuged platelet and plasma into the skin to promote skin collagen formation and new skin turnover.
  • Mesotherapy : a cocktail of brightening agents injected beneath the skin using microneedling technique to reduce dark circles and promote collagen formation.
  • Dermal fillers : adding fillers to the lower eyelids to reduce the drooping and sagging of the skin. Also, to provide a more fuller appearance.
  • Botox injections : injecting Botulinum into the skin to paralyse the muscles and hence, firming the skin of the eyelids and removing the wrinkles around the eyes.
  • Laser resurfacing therapy : lasers are directed to the skin of the eyelids to stimulate collagen formation beneath. This causes the skin to be more plump and reducing the puffiness.
  • Eyelid surgery : Blepharoplasty is done by removing the excess fat beneath the eyelids and resuturing them giving them a more tightened appearance.

The high intensity ultrasound therapy has minimal to no discomfort post procedure. There may be slight discomfort during the procedure but that resolves once the procedure is over.

The results varies for every individual. As eye bags are a sign of aging, it will recur naturally. Post treatment few touch up sessions may be required based on the individual. The results for the high intensity ultrasound treatment lasts for around 6 months upto a year, but that also depends on post procedure eye care and maintenance.

There may be slight redness and tenderness of the skin beneath the eyes post procedure but it will subside within a few days with a cold compress application. There are no long term side effects noted for this procedure. This method has been approved by the FDA and the local authorities to be safe for usage.

The advantages for these procedures are :

  • that it is extremely safe and non invasive
  • it is a non surgical procedure
  • shorter procedure time and it is an outpatient procedure
  • zero downtime following the procedure and the person may resume their daily activities immediately
  • minimal discomfort and minimal to none side effects following the procedure
  • it is long lasting and more naturally appearing results

Tips for the aftercare of the procedure

  • Quit smoking as it would lead to eye bag and fluid retention
  • Avoid alcohol for some time to prevent fluid retention
  • Avoid strenuous eye activities like excessive computer usage or watching television
  • Always keep the skin moisturised and clean
  • Always remove makeup before sleeping to prevent damage to the skin
  • Drink plenty of water and eat plenty of fruits
  • Ice your eyes if there is tenderness or redness following the procedure

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