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Beyond Lip Service – Nexus Clinic

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Enhance your confidence by caring for your skin with the first-class treatments at Nexus Clinic, formerly known as Mediviron UOA. Founded in 2001, this aesthetic centre at the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle offers a broad range of non-surgical aesthetic services and advanced laser treatments for the skin, face, hair and even body.


The treatments are personalised to your individual concerns and carried out with Nexus Clinic’s signature confidentiality and professionalism. They’re fully equipped with highly experienced doctors and skilled on-site medical staff to offer you the best solutions, in a secure and comfortable environment.

All about the skin

Dr Jasmine Ruth, a well-respected and leading aesthetic physician in Kuala Lumpur, is sought out by patients throughout Malaysia and the world. She has been practising this craft for over nine years, and believes strongly in in-depth consultations with each of her patients about their expectations and motivations. Coupled with her unique sense of aesthetics in refining facial features and preserving natural beauty, she’s earned notable respect among her colleagues, entertainers, royalty, models, and the general public.

Her World: Do you get many patients seeking treatment for acne? Which procedure would you recommend for acne scars?

Dr Jasmine: Acne is one of the most common skin diseases in Malaysia, and can affect people of all ages no matter the gender. It is common amongst teenagers and those who are going through hormonal changes. Acne scars can cause quite a bit of confidence issue especially when it causes the patients have deep scars from acne or previous accidents. Some of the best way to treat the deep scarring is by using Medical Grade Fractional CO2 and Fractional Radiofrequency Laser. Also, certain medium depth chemical peels are also effective for those who have shallower scars. The Dermaroller with Platelet Rich Plasma injections is also an option for patients. It is used to improve the damaged collagen fibres, therefore reducing the scars.

HW: How would you advise men and women who want to gracefully look younger again?

Dr. Jasmine: Who dosn’t want to age gracefully? Anti-aging treatments are the most popular in most aesthetic clinics. We get a lot of patients who want to get rid of the lines that you see running from your eye and forehead, as well as smile lines. From preventive management with non-ablative lasers to improve skin firmness and texture, to reducing deep lines around a person’s eye, forehead and cheeks with Botulinium Toxin and Derma fillers. For those who have saggy and lax skin can opt for the high intensity lifting ultrasound or minimal invasive threadlifts. If you might be facing droopiness on your face due to loss of fat, patients can go for the volume replacement using the signature liquid facelifts. There are plenty of treatments to choose from these days and most of the procedures can be done during your lunchtime.

HW: We see many skin-lightening products sold by various brands. Is there any treatment you perform that is more lasting than everyday face and body creams?

Dr Jasmine: Skin lightening or brightening is like a bread and butter treatment in my practice. The lasers offered today can effectively destroy pigment cells and help the skin generate new cells, giving you healthy and even skin tone. Lasers such as the Medilite C6, resurfacing treatments like Italian made Fractional CO2 and our signature lightening creams are very popular as overall lightening treatments. Most over-the-counter (OTC) products contain chemicals, which is good as the results are maintainable, but they’re unsuitable to significantly lighten the skin. Therefore my advice would be to get some medical treatments done first, see the results and then maintain it with safe OTC products. Also, you might want to avoid buying skin products from beauty salons or shops as the products might contain banned substances which has negative side effects.

HW: How do you treat deep scars?

Dr Jasmine: With the various treatments available to treat scars, the highly recommended and safe treatment is the Fractional CO2 laser which has been improved with radio frequency to reduce downtime and increase efficiency of the results in a shorter time. It’s a full face resurfacing, almost like giving you brand new and baby smooth skin.

HW: Last but not least, how does one treat skin pigmentation?

Dr Jasmine: Due to sun damage and melasma, skin pigmentation often affects Asians. These pigmentary disorders can be effectively treated using certain medical lasers like the copper bromide laser, Q-switched lasers and of course certain patented European peels. Generally, a combination of treatments would be necessary to see a dramatic improvement in skin colour.

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