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My First Experience at Nexus Clinic Wisma UOA II

Hello people!
I was approached by Nexus Clinic Wisma UOA II for a treatment thanks to a fellow blogger
Thank you Isaac!

So I thought why not?
I never had any aesthetics treatment before, I can get to know how it feels like and I can tell you guys about it

I booked my appointment with them at 2pm and I reached there exactly at that time
Registering was easy
I just filled up a small form and waited for awhile

Waiting time was about an hour because it was in the afternoon
I even had time to take a selfie while waiting for the people to attend to me

So while I was waiting for them to attend to my case, I thought of what treatment I should do
I mean for me, my face isn’t a really big issue for me because I always test out products and use makeup
But I’m more concerned about my body image
Yes I am self-conscious about my body

Look at me
My body looks fat

See the tummy?
I diet and exercise and diet and exercise and its still there
The scar on the right side is due to my appendicitis
So the area concern is actually my lower belly
The hardest part for men to lose
Le Sigh~

After waiting about an hour for the attendants
I was greeted by the marketing director and senior beauty consultant of Nexus Clinic Wisma UOA II
They helped me analyzed my body and my facial condition


I have oily skin, so its normal for me to have blackheads and whiteheads and the whole thing that comes with oily skin
But I’ll age slower than you guys!

So after the body and facial analysis
I was consulted by a doctor

So her name is Jasmine..
I wonder where’s Aladdin
Probably going through the Cave of Wonders

Because of the nature of the treatment
I had to take off my shirt
Be prepared to be blind people


She squeezed my fats
So shy la

So after checking my fat (T_T)


She recommended me to do two different procedures
Meso-lipo and Venus Freeze

Meso-lipo is a procedure that was developed by the French wayyyyy back before
There are a lot of types of meso for different types of conditions
Basically, meso-(insert word here) are injections that are filled with different types of vitamins and minerals that are injected into the area of interest to alleviate the appearance of the area

This is not surgery by the way!

Venus Freeze is where they use a machine and roll over the area you wanna shrink
It uses high radio waves that help break down the fat and cellulite
But don’t let the name fool you, it is quite hot to the touch!

But before the treatment can be done
They have to put numbing cream on me


Cleaning the area before the treament


This is how the numbing cream looks like
And yes I had to pull my pants and underwear lower!
I am more shy than you!

After waiting for about 20 minutes
Dr Jasmine came in and assured me


She even drew the line of where she would wanna inject me

First up was the injection
I had to take about 16 injections of that thing!
It only hurt slightly in some places


I tried talking to her to distract myself from thinking about the needles

Next up was the Venus Freeze


The kakak was very friendly and she was gentle with my stomach
The pad felt hottter and hottter on my skin
I imagine it burning the fat away
But we all know it doesn’t work that way
The session took about a total of 1 hour excluding the waiting time that is

So how was the result?
I’ll let you see by yourself

My tummy is smaller, firmer and slimmer
I also looked more defined
I am very satisfied!

The results are very obvious
But there are some minor setbacks
I have some bruises in some areas but I was assured that it will dissipate within a few day
I also feel sore around the area that was treated
But its getting better now

I’m going back to them in a week’s time to do the second treatment
Definitely will update you guys on it!
Do follow my instagram to instantly know how did it go!
My username: yosomolo

I would like to thank Klinik Mediviron Wisma UOA II for giving me this opportunity to do this treatment
Highly recommend this to those who have really stubborn areas that just won’t go away even though you tried many different ways!

My second session at Nexus Clinic Wisma UOA


Well Howdy there people!
Let’s talk about my second session at Nexus Clinic Wisma UOA shall we?

Moving on
My second session took place a week after the first session
Which will be followed by one more session with them the week next

As usual
I was required to wait for them to attend to me because it was in the afternoon and there was a lot of appointments made
Waiting period was shorter this time though
I was again greeted by the Senior Beauty Consultant, Marcus
Thanks Marcus!


But while I’m waiting
Let me take a selfie first

After waiting about 30mins
They proceeded to apply the numbing cream onto my lower belly again
This time though they applied TWO layers!


My lower belly

Obviously I was again having adrenaline rushing through my body thinking of the needles that would penetrate my skin to inject the fat melting concoction, the meso-lipo
Just look at my face


Yes I was that worried about the pain
Yes people there is pain involved

But thankfully for me, the numbing cream took off most of the pain
After the multiple injections involved
We proceeded with the Venus Freeze

This is the second week

The effects before the second week are already very significant
During the week before the second treatment, I noticed that the size of my tummy is smaller, firmer AND I noticed that I can burn fat easier after the treatment

Right after the second treatment, although not as significant as the first treatment, I noticed that I can now wear a smaller sized pants!
I am absolutely ecstatic about the results!
Can’t say enough good things about this!
Definitely recommend those who have stubborn fats to go for this
Trust me

Next week will be the final treatment
Definitely will keep you guys updated about it!

I would like to thank Klinik Mediviron Wisma UOA II for giving me this opportunity to do this treatment
Highly recommend this to those who have really stubborn areas that just won’t go away even though you tried many different ways!


Evan Chang, a male beauty blogger also a gym instructor, came to our clinic for doctor consultation. He was concerned about his belly fat and after Dr.Jasmine do a proper assessment on him, he was the go for Fat MesoLipo and Venus Freeze treatment for fat loss.

After one session, he was happy with the result and blog about his experience in Nexus Clinic. Click to read his story on his blog now!

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