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Nexus Clinic @ Wisma UOA II

Nexus Clinic @ Wisma UOA II

Everyone always making an effort to enhance their beauty either inner or outer, because we don’t born to be perfect.
With the current technology and knowledge, it is never too hard to get a simple change at your convenient, and I believe the transformation can turn you look better and beautiful, as well as boosting up your confidence level.
It was a great Saturday, because I had the chance to visit Nexus Clinic, which located at Wisma UOA II KL.
Nexus Clinic, is the new aesthetic wing of Mediviron UOA.
It is not a normal clinic that you seen on the street, but it is a special clinic that providing a comprehensive range of non-surgical aesthetic procedures and advanced and safe laser treatments.
Thank you Nexus Clinic for such lovely Saturday evening! I truly enjoyed the whole event very well #muacksssDSC07892
There is a photobooth with a variety of props to keep things fun.
It’s such a sweet photoshoot, with those extra props prepared. #greatjob

While waiting for the event starts, we were treated a cup of detox drink from Easy 123 health drink stall.
It is a refreshing drink which make you feel restored and rejuvenated!


Easy 123 drink is full of vitamins, enzyme and antioxidants.
It contains beetroot, aloe vera, apple fiber, and it’s good for liver detoxification.
You can blend the powder with any fruits you like, or you can just mix one sachet into a glass of 150ml cold water. #assimpleasitis


The opening started with a welcome speech and introduction about Nexus clinic by Dr. Jasmine.
Dr. Jasmine explained the procedures that have in their clinic such as face rejuvenation, weight loss program, hair removal, pigmentation/acne scar and anti-aging treatments.
FYI, the former Clinic Mediviron has moved to Nexus Clinic, which means if you have any treatments left over at Mediviron, you will automatically transfer from Mediviron to the brand new Nexus Clinic.


The event then continue by following the Nexus Clinic medical doctors for better description of each machines and technologies they have.
First, we were introduced by the Fractional CO2 Laser treatments.
It is for skin resurfacing, treating scars such as acne, operation of burn scars, stretch marks and removing fine wrinkles and lines. It also give excellent results for uneven and dull skin.
There is little to no downtime, whereby most patients may resume their daily activities immediately.

Carboxytherapy Therapy is a simple and proven technique that treating your cellulite problems, stretch marks and also old wounds with carbon dioxide gas in order to restore the shape and appearance of healthy skin. It is a rapid, comfortable and effective for most of the patients.

Looking for collagen to support your skin?!
Then probably Ultraformer machine is good for you!
It helps to reduce your wrinkles and eye-bags as well as provide your skin tightening and rejuvenation.
No worries that it is a non-surgical treatment for a firmer, tighter and more youthful skin.DSC07991Lastly, we were introduced the Zeltiq Coolsculpting, the latest and most effective advances in body contouring which is a liposuction alternative.
If your healthy diet and regular exercise haven’t been able to help you lose youe love handles, this new technology maybe an excellent way for you to achieve the toned body you want.DSC07930To prove how it works, one of the Nexus Clinic’s medical doctor be a volunteer to do the demonstration.DSC07934

Well, how does it work?
During coolsculpting procedure, the unwanted fat areas are cooled with a cold patch for 1 hour per area. During this time, fat cell lipids literally freeze, and the fat cells will harmlessly break down and reabsorbed by the body.
You can actually do different parts as you want at the same 1 hour.


The coolsculpting device will then put on selected area to be treated. As the cooling goes to work in the first few minutes, you will feel pressure and intense cold, which soon will disappear.
This treatment doesn’t require any anesthesia or surgery and it’s pain free!
Hence after the procedure, you can return to your normal schedule without any downtime and recovery period. #howcoolitis


After all the “tutorials”, Nexus had arranged a treasure hunt by giving out 10 sets of Elixir mini starter kit which worth RM468.
Glad that I am one of the lucky! #hehe
Awwww~~ Nexus Clinic is soooo lovely!


Congratulation to one of the winner, Carina who won the Derma Filler, a non-surgical face contouring.
I have heard of fillers injection many times, but never been seen it in real.
I was actually quite excited to see the whole process how the doctors turn Carina to look better after her nose filler injection.


Doctor explained well that there are few types of filler available in the market such as hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite.

These fillers are considered safe and compatible with body tissue.
There aren’t any adverse reactions should be expected from these fillers because they are injected to the skin without any incision involved and without anesthesia.
The risks are veryyyy minimized!


Thanks to dearest doctor, for the free consultation of what kind of treatment is suitable for my round plus plump face. #nyeknyek 
I will keep that in mind.


Dr. Jasmine is such an elegant and professional in this industry. Thank you for all the useful information and beautiful tips during the evening! For more information, go to, or WhatsApp at +6017 216 3569 for free doctor’s consultation!


Once again, thank you Nexus Clinic for such informative and good arrangement for us.
Also, thanks again for all the prizes and the goody bags which worth RM350!
The complete event end up with a Happy buka pusa celebration with all bloggers and Nexus clinic!

Nexus Clinic
LG 10 Wisma UOA II
No 21, Jalan Pinang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2163 5699
Website: Nexus Clinic






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