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Vaginal Rejuvenation Cost – Is it worth the price? Nexus Clinic Kuala Lumpur

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Women nowadays want to look pretty on the outside but many forget about their internal beauty. Well, that is equally important as well because a successful and gorgeous woman is beautiful both inside and out. The internal beauty meant here is focused on the vaginal wall. As one age, the vaginal wall may tend to get a little loose as the tissues in the vaginal canal wear off as time passes by. This might make a woman feel a little insecure about themselves but at the same time worried as they don’t know what to do about it anymore. No worries as we have the solution for you here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Surrounded by an array of established aesthetic clinics and world class aesthetician, we are able to provide you with vaginal rejuvenation treatment to help remodel the vaginal tissues. Some of the treatments we offer are Petite Lady RejuvenationPK24 Rejuvenation and Monalisa. But of course you may get a little confused as to which is the best one for you. Fret not as we have placed these treatments in a table form for you to compare and contrast for yourselves each treatment and its offerings as well as the cost of it.


Cost / session RM 2000RM 315RM 4500
ConsCons – maintenance treatment is needed between 8-12 months – the treatment is not permanent so its effects eventually wears offCons – might not be suitable for everyoneCons – Patient might feel a little discomfort during the treatment
DescriptionPetite lady rejuvenation uses Erbium laser in order to promote production of collagen as well as to increase blood flow at that region.PK24 rejuvenation is a method of improving vaginal laxity without the need of any invasive surgery as it produces a tightening effect within the vaginal walls.Monalisa uses a gentle laser energy to the vaginal wall, stimulating heat to help stimulate regrowth and or thickening of the vaginal wall.
ProsPros – also helps with urinary incontinence – tightens the vaginal wall for better sexual gratificationPros – it is a cheaper, safer and quicker method to have a tight vaginal wall – non invasivePros – lasts for a longer period of time aput 10 months
Success rate70%50%60%
RemarkThe women should consult the doctor and tell them if they have any other medical conditions before proceeding further.It is best to ensure that a doctor’s consultation is received before usage of this product.The women should consult the doctor and tell them if they have any other medical conditions before proceeding further.
Risk FactorPetite Lady Rejuvenation is generally known as a safe procedure. However, there are several risk factors that should be taken into consideration. Firstly, pregnant ladies are not encouraged to go through this procedure. Next, associated risk factors such as infection and any cardiovascular diseases are best to not undergo this procedure.There are certain Associated risk factors for this PK24 Rejuvenation such as any infection or immunocompromised patients should not be recommended to take this product. Besides that, pregnant lady also should keep away from this product.Monalisa is related to several risk factors such as infection and cardiovascular diseases. Otherwise, pregnant ladies should not go through this procedure.
Pain Scale5/101/105/10
Time taken 20 Minutes 20 Minutes 20 Minutes

As a conclusion, one does not need to look high and low for places to do vaginal rejuvenation. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has it all due to it being the hub of many acknowledged aesthetic clinics such as Nexus, Mediviron and many more. Hopefully the cost of each treatment stated can be of great help to each and everyone. It’s about time one take into account regarding their internal beauty and work towards making it better.