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6 Steps To Increase Men’s Libido in Malaysia – Nexus Clinic

Everyone has a different idea of what constitutes a healthy amount of sexual interest in themselves. To determine whether or not there is an issue, you must first assess what you think of as normal for yourself and whether or not your sexual function lives up to your expectations. 


It is natural for a person’s sexual interests to shift over time, particularly during the course of a committed relationship. For instance, during the “honeymoon phase” of a relationship’s beginning, both parties typically experience intense feelings of attraction for one another. On the other hand, it’s not uncommon for either partner in a committed partnership to go through phases in which their sexual desire is more or lower than usual. 

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  • There are a few different approaches that could help improve a low libido. Alterations to one’s way of life, on the other hand, might produce significant results on their own and should be explored first. 

Although there is a lack of conclusive evidence supporting the efficacy of additional solutions, such as meals or supplements, it is safe to experiment with specific foods, such as oysters, pistachios, or chocolate. If you are considering using a herbal product or supplement, it is imperative that you conduct research on the manufacturer, determine a suitable starting dose for yourself, and check that the product won’t interact negatively with any of your current drugs or health issues. 

1. Eliminate the possibility of a physical cause.

It is a good idea to talk about this with your healthcare professional if you are experiencing a decrease in your desire to have sexual encounters or pain when having sexual relations. They will do an assessment of your sexual health, assist in determining whether or not there is an underlying physical problem, and discuss the available treatment choices. 

A decrease in testosterone level may be the cause of a loss of sex drive or erectile dysfunction in men and those who were assigned the masculine gender at birth.1It has been suggested that the changes in hormone levels that women experience during menopause and after giving birth may be related to this condition in women.2) Low sex drive or sexual dysfunction may also be a side effect of some medical disorders and therapies, such as antidepressants and drugs for heart disease.

2. Find ways to lower your levels of stress.

Because stress can be such an overpowering distraction, it can make it difficult to enjoy sexual activity and can even lower your energy level.5 Reducing stress can help address a loss of libido in addition to having other positive effects on your health, such as lowering your blood pressure.

Make adjustments to your lifestyle to lower the amount of stress you experience in your day-to-day activities, or experiment with activities that have been shown to reduce stress, such as getting frequent massages, exercising regularly, or performing breathing exercises.

3. Maintain open lines of communication with your partner.

If one of you in the partnership has a low sex drive, maintaining open lines of communication is absolutely necessary. When partners talk about their life experiences and demonstrate empathy for one other’s points of view, it can help them gain a deeper understanding of each other’s requirements and reduce the likelihood of mismatched sexual desires. Consider attending couples counselling or sex counselling if you find it difficult to talk openly about your romantic partnership. Individuals or couples might seek the assistance of a sexual therapist in order to deal with sexual issues.

4. Prioritize date night.

If you are in a relationship and have noticed a drop in your sex drive, it may be helpful to organize a date with your partner. When two people have been together for a significant amount of time, it can be simple to forget how vital it is to continue to make time for romance. Date nights, on the other hand, are a great opportunity to deepen your connection with one another and rekindle the spark that first attracted you to each other.

5. Place restrictions on use of cannabis and alcohol.

It’s true that some people like unwinding with a glass of wine or a hit of cannabis before engaging in sexual activity, but it’s critical to practice responsible substance use at all times. Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol or cannabis might have a detrimental effect on erectile function and leave you too exhausted to participate in sexual activity.

6. Take dietary supplements containing maca root.

Peru is the country of origin for the maca root plant. It is thought to boost sexual desire and is related to ginseng. This belief has been around for a long time. Supplements made from maca root can be found in the majority of health food stores. 

Maca root was found to have a good impact on sexual desire in males regardless of their testosterone levels, according to a few studies. However, this evidence is insufficient to draw any firm conclusions.

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