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5 Most Effective Suggestions to Increase Libido in Men

A lack of sexual desire is extremely frequent and can manifest in anyone.

Alterations to a man’s diet, his use of dietary supplements, and his way of life can all have an effect on his sexual desire.

Consult your physician to rule out the possibility of an underlying health condition.

If you are concerned about a sudden drop in want, you should know that low sex drive or low libido may happen to anyone and at any stage of life. This is something that you should keep in mind if you are concerned about a sudden decrease in desire. 

If you are finding that you have a low sex drive, there are supplements, meals, and changes in lifestyle that can lead to a greater libido and increased sexual satisfaction for you.

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1. Consider ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba, a plant that is native to China, has been utilized in traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years. Studies suggest that ginkgo biloba may boost sexual desire, particularly in cases when antidepressants are the root cause of sexual dysfunction in the patient.20 It is believed that this is due to the effect that ginkgo biloba has on the blood flow and smooth muscular tissue throughout the body.

2. Add spices

It’s been said that fenugreek, a spice that’s commonly found in South Asian dishes like curry, can help boost your sexual desire. Fenugreek may have an effect on male libido and may help maintain a normal testosterone level, according to the findings of a randomized clinical research that was conducted in 2011 with healthy guys ages 25 to 52. In yet another study from 2016, researchers found that using fenugreek seed extract improved improve sexual performance in males who were healthy throughout their thirties and forties.

3. Try pistachios

According to the findings of one study, men who consumed 100 grams of pistachios on a daily basis for a period of three weeks experienced harder erections and improved blood flow to the penis. The results of the study on sexual function are intriguing, despite the fact that the study did not include a control group and that additional research is required.

4. Consume a lot of chocolate

There are rumors that chocolate can stimulate sexual desire, but do these rumors have any basis in reality? According to the findings of a clinical study conducted in 2009, which monitored the levels of a stress hormone secreted by 30 participants over the course of two weeks while they consumed chocolate, chocolate may reduce the levels of anxiety and stress that you experience. Chocolate may help you feel happier and less stressed, both of which can lead to more frequent and satisfying sex. However, there is no conclusive proof that chocolate has an effect on a person’s desire to have sexual encounters. In addition, flavonoids, which are found in dark chocolate, have been related to additional health advantages; therefore, there is no reason not to try it.

5. Don’t write off oysters just yet

According to the findings of a study carried out in Malaysia in 2013, the consumption of oysters led to an increase in the sexual behavior of mice.28 The researchers hypothesized that the high zinc content found in oysters would be responsible for the oysters’ possible sexual advantages. Zinc is an essential mineral that is required for the normal functioning of sex hormones like testosterone. Oysters, like other foods, do not have an established link to libido; nonetheless, as long as you are not on a plan that restricts oyster consumption, eating them generally won’t hurt you.  

A lack of sexual desire is a widespread issue that can affect people of any age or gender, and it does not matter whether or not they are in a committed relationship. Before attempting any natural remedies, it is essential to consult with a trained medical professional to rule out the possibility of any underlying health conditions. A low sexual desire may be improved by making changes to one’s lifestyle, such as de-stressing, cutting back on alcohol and cannabis consumption, and prioritizing quality time with one’s partner.

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