Birthmark Removal

Birthmarks are generally either red or brown. Red marks are made up of lots of tiny blood vessels, whilst brown ones are made up of brown pigment (melanin). These vary greatly in size and occur in different parts of the body. Facial birthmarks are common and cause the most concern to patients. Lasers and Intense Pulsed Light systems have revolutionised the treatment of birthmarks, and even the very young may be treated.

What to expect after procedure

Immediately after treatment the area looks blotchy for several hours, while the brown area darkens in colour. After 1 to 2 weeks the darkened pigment literally “washes off” to leave behind a much lighter colour.
Most birthmarks will remain this lighter colour, and you have the option of repeating the treatment to further reduce the colour. Some birthmarks will return to the original colour (repigmentation), and occasionally the colour will be temporarily darker (hyperpigmentation). It is essential to use a good quality sun screen after treatment to reduce the risk of repigmentation or hyperpigmentation. A bleaching gel may be recommended.

How many treatments would I need?
Depending on the depth and colour of the birthmark, About 8 to 10 treatments may be necessary

*Results May Vary

*Results May Vary

*Results May Vary


*The above pictures are for illustration purposes only. Your results may vary.

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