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After the foreskin has been removed with the ZSR Circumcision stapler and the blood vessels at the incision site have been compressed, the bleeding should be stopped. In plain language, this means that the technology will be able to cut the foreskin completely without creating

ZSR CIRCUMCISION: More Hygienic Way of Circumcising

ZSR Circumcision, offered at Nexus Clinic, is a more hygienic, secure, and comfortable alternative to traditional circumcision.  The likelihood of developing urinary tract infections was reduced by circumcision. Penis cleanliness is maintained, and the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease is decreased as a
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ZSR Circumcision: Step-by-Step Process

The removal of the male foreskin from the penis is the primary objective of the circumcision surgical procedure, which is performed routinely. This practice has been carried out for centuries for the purposes of religious and cultural observances; but, in recent years, males in Malaysia

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 ZSR Circumcision: All You Need To Know

What Is a ZSR Circumcision (sometimes referred to as a ZSR Stapler Circumcision)? In this post, we will discuss the ZSR Circumcision, also known as the ZSR Stapler, that is performed in Malaysia. The practice of circumcision is thousands of years old and has been