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ZSR CIRCUMCISION: More Hygienic Way of Circumcising

ZSR Circumcision, offered at Nexus Clinic, is a more hygienic, secure, and comfortable alternative to traditional circumcision. 

The likelihood of developing urinary tract infections was reduced by circumcision. Penis cleanliness is maintained, and the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease is decreased as a result. This is due to the fact that the deposited and accumulated secretions under the foreskin are what create the unpleasant smell as well as urinary and glans infections, which are frequent in uncircumcised males due to the fact that it harbors a wide variety of germs.

Typical Circumcision vs. ZSR Circumcision

However, normal circumcision is feared because it is painful, bloody, carries the risk of infection, and can take a long time to recover, not to mention the fact that it can have poor cosmetic results in many different case scenarios. 

This is where the ZSR Circumcision comes into play, which is beneficial in every way.

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What Exactly Does ZSR Circumcision Offer?

ZSR circumcision is a relatively new method of circumcision that involves severing the foreskin with a medical device or a stapler device while simultaneously stitching up the incision. Because neither needles nor knives are used in this method of circumcision, it is significantly less invasive than the conventional method. 

The ZSR method is recognized all over the world for its practicability and safety in circumcising both children and adults.

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