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What happens after receiving Scrotox Treatment

Scrotum botox, also referred to as “Scrotox,” is an innovative new treatment option that Nexus Clinic is pleased to make available. This treatment may seem superfluous; yet, it can lead to a more pleasing cosmetic view for your scrotum as well as make it appear larger than it normally would. Scrotox is a treatment that is still relatively new in the field of aesthetic treatments; nonetheless, it has already gained traction and become widespread in Malaysia.

Scrotox Procedure

Because it does not involve surgery and does not cause any pain, the testicular botox therapy is an attractive option for individuals who have low pain thresholds as well as those who are anxious about the possibility of undergoing surgery. Before beginning the scrotox surgery, which should only take around ten to fifteen minutes to complete and requires only a general anesthetic, the patient will be sedated. Because the Scrotox treatment may be completed in a short amount of time, it is an appropriate therapy for people who lead active lifestyles. In exceptional circumstances, the treatment process can take significantly more time than usual; however, your physician will discuss this possibility with you during the consultation appointment.

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After Receiving Scrotox Treatment

Scrotox has a number of useful benefits, the most important of which is the reduction of excessive sweating in the testicle region. This effect is comparable to that of neurotoxic, which is used to treat this issue in the palms of the hand and underarms. On the other hand, the vast majority of patients choose to undergo this Botox treatment in order to enhance the visual aspect of the scrotum. It is expected that after scrotox, the creases on your testicles will be smoothed out, which will also result in your testicles seeming larger than usual. In addition to that, this simple adjustment may also improve your sexual life.

Because of the scrotox technique, it is possible that your scrotum will feel tender and sore for approximately one day after the treatment; nevertheless, this is a harmless side effect of the surgery. It might take approximately a week before you start to see results, although the amount of time it takes might vary from person to person.

To sum it up

The results of a botox treatment are known to be relatively long-lasting, although depending on the person, more treatments may be necessary after approximately three to four months have passed. Do discuss this subject with your primary care physician, as they will be in the best position to provide you with specialized direction and guidance during the preliminary consultation that comes before treatment begins.

At  Nexus Clinic, your information will always be held in the utmost discretion, and your privacy will be protected in every possible way. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you have any questions regarding scrotox and the benefits it can provide for you.


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