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Step-by-Step Scrotox Procedure

The scrotox technique is one that is rather easy and uncomplicated: Numbing cream or ointment is applied to the scrotum before the procedure. Analyzes your scrotum and identifies the areas where the Botox can be injected without risk gently inserts a needle into your scrotum


Scrotox is a procedure that, first and foremost, must never be performed by anyone other than a qualified and experienced medical practitioner. Due to the complexity of this treatment, the doctor will need to inject the Botox very precisely at a predetermined location. This is

What happens after receiving Scrotox Treatment

Scrotum botox, also referred to as “Scrotox,” is an innovative new treatment option that Nexus Clinic is pleased to make available. This treatment may seem superfluous; yet, it can lead to a more pleasing cosmetic view for your scrotum as well as make it appear

Overview about Scrotum Botox Malaysia

Scrotum Botox, sometimes referred to as "Scrotox," is a cosmetic therapy that has been gaining popularity in Malaysia and other areas of the world. Other names for the treatment include "Scrotum Botox." The injection of botulinum toxin (also known as Botox) into the scrotum is

Penis discoloration: When to seek aid 

You should consult your primary care physician or a urologist if you observe any penile discoloration that is anything other than a moderate bruising for which you are aware of the cause. Urologists are medical doctors who specialize in the treatment of conditions that affect

Penile melanosis: What is it and its causes

Penile melanosis is a harmless skin disorder that causes small patches of black skin to form on the shaft or head of your penis, which is also referred to as the glans. When concentrated deposits of melanin accumulate on the surface of your skin, this


After the foreskin has been removed with the ZSR Circumcision stapler and the blood vessels at the incision site have been compressed, the bleeding should be stopped. In plain language, this means that the technology will be able to cut the foreskin completely without creating

ZSR CIRCUMCISION: More Hygienic Way of Circumcising

ZSR Circumcision, offered at Nexus Clinic, is a more hygienic, secure, and comfortable alternative to traditional circumcision.  The likelihood of developing urinary tract infections was reduced by circumcision. Penis cleanliness is maintained, and the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease is decreased as a