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After the foreskin has been removed with the ZSR Circumcision stapler and the blood vessels at the incision site have been compressed, the bleeding should be stopped. In plain language, this means that the technology will be able to cut the foreskin completely without creating a carnage in the operating room. 

The inner bell and the outer bell are the two primary components that make up the ZSR device. 

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First, the doctor will stretch your foreskin and install the inner bell to protect the glans of your penis. These steps are necessary to ensure a successful procedure. The remaining portion of the apparatus, which includes the outer bell, is then screwed onto the inner bell. Due to the fact that it will establish the location of the cut, this section is quite significant. 

After the stapler has been fired, the foreskin will be split from the penis, and a series of small staples and a silicon ring will be used to hold the wound edges together so that the foreskin can be removed. 

Your circumcision will be finished as soon as that is done. The technique just requires a very small amount of blood and takes only a few minutes to complete. Your injury will be bandaged for the next few days at least. You should be able to carry on with your normal activities while the staples are in place for the average period of two weeks before they fall off on their own.


  • Reduces the likelihood of contracting an illness 
  • Less painful
  • Reduced length of the process 
  • Have a speedy and complete recovery 
  • Less difficult to clean 
  • A more favorable outcome both before and after ZSR circumcision both before and after ZSR circumcision


Smegma Deposit

Smegma are the compounds that have a yellowish-white appearance and are frequently discovered under the foreskin. It is offensive to the senses and frequently opens the door to bacterial illness. 

Infection of the Urinary Tract

The introduction of germs into the urinary tract can result in a variety of unpleasant side effects, including pain during urination, penile discharge, and even bleeding. 

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It is defined as the Inflammation of the glans, also known as the head of the penis, which can be brought on by an infection or another factor known as balanitis. Balanitis is a condition that can cause discomfort and even agony at times.

Repeated infections can cause a condition known as phimosis, which causes the foreskin to become very tight and makes it more difficult to clean. Because of this problem, it’s possible that some people haven’t had the opportunity to clean or retract their foreskin in a very long time.

Increase Sexual Interaction for the Better

Due to the fact that circumcision improves and extends the duration of the intercourse time after the removal of the foreskin, persons who suffer from premature ejaculation may benefit from undergoing the procedure.

Safer During Intercourse 

Sexually active people who have had circumcisions have been shown to have a lower risk of transmitting sexually transmitted infections.

Because certain disorders, such as genital warts, typically encourage growth on foreskin, it is possible that removing the foreskin will be a cure that is both simpler and more expedient in this particular scenario.


Men often find it hard to decide whether or not they want to be circumcised. It’s a big choice that will affect you for the rest of your life. The choice has to do with more than just how the penis looks. It also has to do with the risk of infection and disease, sexual pleasure, and avoiding certain cancers. Nexus Clinic will definitely help you in your steps! Consult us now!

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