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The most common type is known as the Priapus Shot. This term, derived from the Greek deity of sexual health, was popularized by Dr. Charles Runels (famous for his Kardashian vampire face) and quickly caught on.

Unfortunately, very little study has been conducted on any of the specific claims the p-shot treatment is advertised for. So before you take the P-Shot to your P (or V), consider the following.

According to Dr. Richard Gaines, whose LifeGaines practice offers the P-Shot in addition to other therapies, the effects of this treatment on sexual performance can be ascribed to:

Increased blood flow repair responses in some tissues or cells establishment of new brain pathways (due to new experiences and positive reinforcement) the placebo effect.

What is it priced at?

This surgery is optional and is only performed by a handful of experienced physicians. In addition, most health insurance policies do not cover it. It may require substantial out-of-pocket payment.

The Hormone Zone advertises the operation for approximately $1,900, but does not specify what the price includes.

According to the Plastic Surgery Statistics Report for 2018, the average cost of a PRP procedure was $683. This average does not include other costs, such as those associated with preparation, instruments, and care at the facility.

How to locate a supplier

Start with your physician

Your primary care physician, urologist (for persons with penises), or gynecologist should be your first port of call (for people with vaginas). They might have experience answering questions regarding this technique, or they might know a specialist who administers the P-Shot (if not themselves).

At the absolute least, they will likely be able to connect you with a respected institution or provide you with direction. If you do not currently have a urologist, the FindCare tool on Healthline can help you locate one in your area.


Ask all of your queries.

Consider the following questions as you hunt for someone to take your P-Shot:

Are they licensed or certified by a recognized medical body to practice medicine?

Have they created a clientele with positive feedback and results?

Do they have considerable information on their website regarding prices, how they do the treatment, before-and-after photos (if applicable), and any other pertinent information?

Are they accessible via phone, e-mail, or the office administrator?

Are they willing to conduct a brief “meet and greet” consultation or answer a few of your preliminary questions?

If you are asking the p-shot success rate, individuals who have gotten an injection into the penile shaft should be given a penis pump. This aids in drawing blood into the penis and ensuring the PRP is 89% effective. You may be required to perform this daily for 10 minutes over the course of a few weeks. However, excessive use might damage elastic tissue in the penis, resulting in less robust erections.

And you’re done! You will likely be able to return home within an hour or less.

Possible adverse reactions and complications

If you are asking about p-shot side effects, there are likely to be a few minor adverse effects associated with the injection, which should subside within four to six days.

  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Bruises

Some uncommon issues include:

If you have a history of herpes simplex virus infection, cold sore breakouts might cause permanent scarring.

What to expect during rehabilitation

Recuperation is rapid. You should be able to return to routine activities, such as work or school, the same or following day.

Avoid sexual activity for a few days following the surgery to prevent infection of the injection sites. Also, try to restrict vigorous physical activity for a few days so that sweating or chafing do not exacerbate the affected area.

When should outcomes be observed? 

Your results may vary greatly based on your overall health and other factors that may affect your sexual performance. Some individuals report immediate effects after a single session. Others may not see effects for several months or until multiple treatments have been administered. Here are the p-shot results pictures.

Based on his experience as a practitioner of the Priapus Shot in his practice, Dr. Gaines classifies responses to therapy into three broad categories:

Early responders observe effects within 24 hours.

Normal responders observe effects after three to six treatments; after the second treatment, they observe a shift in their responses. In one to two months, they attain their peak performance.


In three to four months, late responders find favorable p-shot benefits.

[With] extremely severe erectile dysfunction, which has been a problem for several years, there are other variables.

The entailment

Additional study is required to support the P-Shot. If you are interested in attempting it, speak with a provider at length. Consider speaking with a separate doctor who is not affiliated with the P-Shot provider.

Remember that erections and orgasms are caused by a combination of blood flow, hormones, and physical states that can be affected by your mental and emotional wellness.

If you are not experiencing any outcomes from the P-Shot, you may want to check any health conditions that may be preventing you from performing sexually. You may also consult with a therapist, counselor, or sexual health expert, who can help you determine what is preventing you from experiencing complete sexual satisfaction.



Nexus Clinic, a penis filler clinic promises no adverse effects: As the procedure is minimally invasive, there will be minor edema for one or two days.

This surgery can last up to two to three years with visible lasting benefits.

This penile filler provides a natural texture for the skin and a natural appearance for the penis.

There will be no scarring, unlike surgical operations.

There is no downtime associated with the procedure. After the operation, you can resume your regular activities.

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