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On average, a man’s penis is roughly 5 inches long (about 13cm). Micropenis is described as penis length less than 3 inches when extended ( about 7.6cm).

However, according to a large-scale Australian study, women are more attracted to taller, more macho males with larger penises. Therefore, it may be an evolution that men desire larger penises to attract spouses.

Penis filler Malaysia 

In ancient times, men demonstrated their strength by flexing their muscles and competing to the death with armor and swords, just as gladiators did.

In the current, civilized age, however, where many tasks are performed by machines, men no longer compete with their physique and strength.

In some way, penile size represents the strength of manhood. Where males “show off” their penis size in the locker rooms of gyms and man clubs.


There are both surgical and non-surgical techniques available.

Non-invasive techniques, like as dermal fillers, can be utilized to augment the size of the shaft and glans penis, making them thicker and more robust. Hyaluronic Acid fillers are used at Nexus CLINIC because they are safer and reversible.

The majority of clients claim an improvement in their sexual experience.

In addition, measurements have revealed an average increase in circumference of 15%.


Eliminate your pubic fat – Fat can collect above the penis. If you have an enlarged pubic fat pad, your penis may appear to be retracted. Get rid of your pubic fat to enlarge your penis.

Get rid of the large stomach – The large stomach is not only unsightly, but also promotes metabolic syndrome. According to studies, metabolic syndrome is related with a weaker erection, resulting in erectile dysfunction. Therefore, if you desire a harder, stronger, and larger penis, it is time to lose the belly fat.

There is sufficient scientific data to prove that exercise and muscle toning contribute to a healthier body and greater muscle tone.

Manscaping — if it is very bushy and hairy, the penis may appear small in comparison. The majority of partners will appreciate a neat and clean underbelly. Keep your underwear neat and clean.


Penile Filler – Penile filler or filer inserted just under the skin and fascia by a qualified physician can produce an acceptable effect, i.e. a larger and thicker penis. If you are asking about penis enlargement side effects, numerous studies have demonstrated that penile fillers using hyaluronic acid have no negative side effects. Moreover, customer satisfaction has been high. Measurements can be enhanced by up to 15%.

Plasma Rich in Platelets for the Penis – Erection firmness is a crucial component of sexual health. If the penis is large yet cannot stand erect, it serves no purpose. This condition is referred to as erectile dysfunction.If you’re asking about a real way to increase your size, you may consider a Penile Extender – With a suitable medical gadget, a 1 inch (about 2.5cm) increase in penis length is possible. This is a non-surgical approach to lengthen and thicken the penis.

Everthing You Need To Know


You will first speak with our physician to see if you are a good candidate for penis enlargement. Before beginning treatment, the doctor will assess your vital signs, such as blood pressure and heart rate. You should inform your doctor of any medical issues you have.

During the appointment, you should discuss previous treatments, your expectations, and any concerns you have.

Should you be permitted to continue with the procedure, our doctor will begin by cleaning and disinfecting the affected area, followed by local anaesthetic and numbing. Rest confident that the operation will be painless. For a more appealing result, the doctor will then inject the filler into particular parts of the penis, including the shaft and the tip.

The operation requires between 30 and 45 minutes to complete.

There are no cut or suture wounds present. After that, you can resume your normal activities.

Safe: Penile filler is the safest technique on the market for penis enlargement.

Penis filler Nexus offers confidentiality.

Instant size improvement: Its effectiveness for penile enlargement is instantly apparent following the surgery.


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Nexus Clinic, a penis filler clinic promises no adverse effects: As the procedure is minimally invasive, there will be minor edema for one or two days.

This surgery can last up to two to three years with visible lasting benefits.

This penile filler provides a natural texture for the skin and a natural appearance for the penis.

There will be no scarring, unlike surgical operations.

There is no downtime associated with the procedure. After the operation, you can resume your regular activities.

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