Laser Hair Removal FAQS: Frequently Asked Question on Malaysian Aesthetic Practitioners


1. So, how exactly does the process of laser hair removal work?

In order to prepare the treatment area, a thorough cleaning will be performed beforehand. Some people get numbing gel. When only a small area will be treated and the skin is particularly sensitive, numbing the area can help. A numbing gel typically takes 30-60 minutes to start working.

An area designed for laser procedures will serve as the location for the treatment. During the procedure, everyone in the room must wear goggles to protect their eyes. The procedure entails holding the skin taut while it is treated with a laser. Patients often compare the sensation of the laser pulses to that of a rubber band snapping against the skin or warm pinpricks.

Hair can be vaporized by a laser, making it easy to remove. Because of this, little puffs of smoke with a sulfur odor are produced.

Your treatment time will vary according to the size of the area being worked on. It doesn’t take long to treat the upper lip. If you’re asking how long does laser hair removal last, it is possible that your treatment will last longer than an hour if a large area, such as your back or legs, is being worked on.

2. After I have laser hair removal done, what are the next steps?

All patients should take precautions to prevent sunburn in order to reduce the risk of adverse effects. What to do after laser hair removal:

Keep your treated skin out of direct sunlight.

Avoid using indoor tanning devices such as tanning beds and sun lamps.

Do as your dermatologist tells you to do for aftercare.

After receiving treatment, you can expect to see some redness and swelling. This can mimic a mild sunburn in appearance. A cool compress can help alleviate the pain.

3. When do you get a break?

In most cases, laser hair removal doesn’t necessitate any recovery time at all. A red and puffy appearance of the treated area is to be expected immediately after laser hair removal. Regardless, most people go back to their regular routines.


4. When can I expect to see the results of my laser hair removal treatment?

You may ask, is laser hair removal permanent? In most cases, you’ll be able to observe the effects of the treatment right away. Different people will have different outcomes. Hair color, hair thickness, laser type, treatment area, and skin tone all play a role in how successful the procedure is. After the first session, you can expect a 10–25% reduction in hair growth.

Most people need anywhere from two to six laser treatments to permanently get rid of unwanted hair. Most patients report a complete absence of hair growth on the treated areas for many months, sometimes years, after finishing their treatments. When hair grows back, it usually grows back thinner. The hairs are typically more luminous and fine.

5. Just how long do the effects of laser hair removal last?

Patients typically experience long-term hair loss (months to years). There may be less of an effect once some of the hair grows back. A patient may require follow-up laser treatments to keep the area hair-free.

5. You could benefit from a change in your cosmetics and beauty routine.

Preventing the use of scrubs, glycolic acid, and retinol creams two days prior to and after treatment is recommended. As we noticed our skin becoming drier, we also incorporated face mists into our routine and increased the amount of hydration we were applying.

Both chemical peels and fake tans should be avoided in the weeks leading up to and following laser treatment.


6. How about potential adverse reactions?

The most common adverse reactions are short-lived (lasting only a few days) and mild. Some of the possible adverse effects are:

  • Discomfort
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • When performed by a dermatologist or under their supervision, laser hair removal has a low incidence of other possible side effects. Some additional possible adverse effects are:
  • Blistering
  • Cold sore, or herpes simplex virus, outbreaks
  • Infections
  • Scarring
  • Changes in skin tone

Over time, most people’s skin tones return to normal. However, there are alterations to skin tone that are irreversible. This is why it’s crucial to consult a dermatologist who is knowledgeable about laser treatments and has experience working with your skin type.

Additionally, it is crucial that you adhere to your dermatologist’s recommendations. You can greatly lessen your chance of experiencing unwanted effects by following both the pre- and post-treatment instructions.

7. When should I get another laser hair removal treatment?

It varies from person to person and you can search for a laser hair removal near me. Getting rid of hair permanently usually necessitates how many sessions for laser hair removal you will need.. Patients typically only need to return every four to six weeks for laser hair removal. When it is time for another treatment, your dermatologist will let you know.

Hair regrows in the majority of patients. If you want to continue seeing results from your laser treatments, your dermatologist can tell you when it is safe to do so.

8. How safe is it to remove hair with a laser?

Many conditions affecting the skin, hair, and nails can be effectively treated with a laser. There have been a lot of breakthroughs in laser medicine in recent years. These developments have been spearheaded by dermatologists.

One example is the increased number of people who can undergo laser hair removal without adverse effects. Previous laser hair removal procedures could only be performed on patients with dark hair and fair skin. These days, both patients with light hair and light skin and those with dark hair and dark skin can opt for laser hair removal. In these cases, extreme caution is required when using a laser to remove hair. Dermatologists are trained to safely and effectively perform laser hair removal.


9. How Much Does Laser Hair Removal in Malaysia Cost?

Laser hair removal price in Malaysia depends on a lot of different factors. For starters, clinics have different rates, some types of laser treatment cost more, and more sessions mean more expenses.

Here’s a general price list of the common types of laser hair removal you can get in Malaysia.

DIODE LASER RM150.00 – RM250.00 per session



ALEXANDRITE LASER RM200.00 RM1,000.00 per session

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