Threadlift After 3 Months and Celebrities in Threadlift


Is this your time to do Threadlift?

In natural conditions, we seldom prefer to confess that social media can affect the motivation behind most beauty-related purchases, procedures, and pampering.

We enjoy feeling confident and attractive, and this is the primary reason why we enjoy spending money and time on increasing our overall appearance. Whether you want your nails painted, your hair coloured, or your lips touched up, it is unfathomable that there is something for everyone!

Due to their greater access to doctors and clinics, as well as their considerable wealth, celebrities are typically the first to experiment with these mysterious beauty techniques. As members of our society, it goes without saying that we prefer to pick up the phone and seek for different celebrities who have had a thread lift or other specialized cosmetic treatments before proceeding. We often do this to develop confidence and clarity, as well as to gauge our attractiveness.

A Thread Lift is one of the numerous operations that you may have heard of, however the majority of people have no idea what it entails. In this situation, though, this is the perfect example of something that may quickly become more “famous” if one of our favorite celebrities joins in and we read about it on social media or in the news.

List of Famous People who have undergone a Thread Lift

Celebrities who have had a thread lift are Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Gwyneth Paltrow all rumored to have had a thread lift, which explains why the procedure has become increasingly popular (they look amazing).

How did they obtain it? Recovery times, lack of scarring, natural-looking outcomes, and a lesser price tag are just a few of the many benefits of a thread lift. I can only hear tick, tick, tick!

Thread Lift Complications & Management: Thread Protrusion, Infection, Dimpling, and Bruising

Can you experience thread lift gone wrong? Since its inception, the art of thread lifting has advanced considerably, and it is now regarded as one of the safest and most effective anti-aging and cosmetic rejuvenation techniques. Despite the fact that technological and procedural developments have substantially enhanced the reputation of thread lift, it is still without its own risks. An crucial consideration for a practitioner, however, is not the difficulties themselves, but rather how they might be prevented and treated.


Extremely low infection rates following thread insertions have been reported. In order to limit the risk of infection, all threads should be inserted using an aseptic approach, which practically translates to the use of a betadine or chlorhexidine preparation, a sterile field such as surgical drapes for cogs and barbs, and a sterile dressing pack and gloves.

After a thread lift surgery, it is fairly uncommon for a painful lump to grow. This could be the result of the thread buckling or curling beneath the skin. A subcision treatment can be used to release the thread from the skin and enable it to unwind, whereas a small stab incision can be used to entirely remove the thread and replace it at a later time. There is always a slight chance of infection, especially if the lump is warm, red, or moving.

Incorrect thread placement may potentially result in localized infection. Overall, infection problems are uncommon, and they are frequently simply treated with the removal of sutures or oral medicine.

Thread Lift to Lose Weight

For more information about weight loss after thread lift, Patients who lose 10, 20, or more than 30 pounds following a facelift are at the greatest risk of altered results and an altered recovery phase necessary for those results to reach their full potential. Doctors therefore advocate a steady weight decrease over a period of months, preferably before to the treatment. Moreover, for optimal long-term outcomes, the weight loss must be stable.


How long must I continue the treatment to retain the results?

Results can continue for months, although maintenance is essential for the majority of treatments. Depending on the skin issue being treated, I would recommend applying the product at least once a month or thread lift after 3 months.The greater the severity of the problem, the more the required maintenance. Remember that your everyday skincare regimen is also considered maintenance.

Thread lift price

The Thread Lift therapy can also cure a variety of ailments, including drooping eyebrows, thin lips, skin ptosis, and dry skin. It is a technique with little downtime that takes less than an hour and produces results practically instantly. Approximate thread lift cost is currently on sale for RM380 per thread and RM300 each nose thread.

The Thread Lift Clinic of Nexus

Nexus Clinic uses White Medience threads from a Korean firm that is GMP and ISO certified. They create high-quality PDO and PCL threads using cutting-edge technologies.

Malaysia’s Medical Device Authority (MDA) has registered their items as medical devices. Their products are widely utilized internationally.

Nexus Clinic attended the WMC Webinar for Plastic Surgery of Thread Lifting and received complete technical instruction. Consult Nexus Clinic now!

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