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Threadlift Benefits, Disadvantages, Side Effects and Price



Whether you attribute it to age or gravity, face skin laxity becomes a daily reality beyond the age of twenty. You would like to reverse drooping cheeks, a drooping nose, jowls, and a sagging jawline, to name a few of the most frequent aesthetic flaws. Compared to more invasive procedures such as surgery and thread lifts, lasers, Radiofrequency (RF), and HIFU therapies for addressing skin laxity are safer and more popular. Let’s learn more about their benefits and drawbacks.

Regarding Thread Lift

Thread lifts, such as for the nose, are a minimally invasive alternative to surgery and non-invasive techniques such as energy-based devices such as lasers, radiofrequency, and high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) By putting temporary sutures in the skin, a thread lift treatment provides the face a lift.

The method is straightforward. Under the facial skin, a temporary framework of thin threads is produced to assist in pulling or “lifting” the sagging skin upwards. The threads implanted in regions such as the cheekbones or nose help to tighten the face by pulling back the sagging skin.


Here are the threadlift benefits:

Time-saving: The operation takes an average of one hour. This facilitates the thread lift technique for busy professionals.

Minimally invasive procedure: no incisions or surgery are required.

Since this is a minimally invasive technique, the discomfort factor is also significantly reduced.

Thread lift recovery time will require Low recuperation period: Typically, post-procedure symptoms, such as mild swelling or redness, disappear within three to five days.

The technique does not require general anesthesia and is therefore considered safe for the majority of patients.


Here are the face thread lift side effects:

  • Anesthesia dangers
  • Having trouble expanding your mouth (usually temporary)
  • Thread Extraction Infection
  • Pain that could endure
  • Sunlight or other bright light sensitivity
  • Swelling and bruising
  • Unfavorable result


Temporary outcomes: Thread lifts for the nose and cheeks produce results that are just temporary.

Not useful for severe conditions: Thread lifting is a modality of moderate intensity that is appropriate for addressing the earliest indications of aging. Ideal for individuals in their thirties and forties. Beyond that, outcomes may not be as satisfying.

Expensive: Thread lift operations might be expensive over time.

Less significant results: The results of a thread lift are not as apparent as those of a traditional facelift. The treatment’s mild effects may dissatisfy thread lift sufferers.

Although thread lift is considered minimally invasive, sutures and incisions are necessary. Still, problems such as bruising, thread breakage, thread extrusion, fever, and infection are possible. Some patients may still experience discomfort during or after a surgery, despite the use of topical anesthetics.

Many patients do not wish to inject synthetic drugs into their bodies through the skin. Historically, surgical sutures were manufactured from cow-derived catgut. This form of suture is spontaneously broken down by the body’s proteolytic enzymes. Its absorbable characteristics and natural suture structure make it very appropriate for human implantation. However, due of increasing worries about mad cow disease, synthetic polymer materials have essentially replaced catgut. Synthetic polymers are not normally found in skin tissue. Any foreign substance inserted under the epidermis will be rejected by the body, which will then launch a foreign body reaction to eliminate the thread.

Repetitive Treatment Effects: In certain patients, it is undesirable to continually put threads into their faces. These threads can occasionally create skin surface dimples, protrusions, and asymmetry. Similarly, if the threads are not properly positioned, they may spit out, like with traditional sutures.


Nose thread lift price in Nexus Clinic will start from RM 950.


Nexus Clinic uses White Medience threads from a Korean firm that is GMP and ISO certified. They create high-quality PDO and PCL threads using cutting-edge technologies.

Malaysia’s Medical Device Authority (MDA) has registered their items as medical devices. Their products are widely utilized internationally.

Nexus Clinic attended the WMC Webinar for Plastic Surgery of Thread Lifting and received complete technical instruction. Consult Nexus Clinic now!

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