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As our skin includes a very high amount of water, the CO2 laser is suitable for precise, safe ablation to build new collagen in damaged or scarred skin. Additionally, it can be used to remove moles, skin tags, and oilseed.

This therapy is also used to reduce pigmentation, pores, and deep wrinkles in photodamaged and aging skin.

In general, lasers are preferable to chemical peels because they produce superior outcomes and can address many indications in a single session.

Several forms of treatment are available for severe scarring caused by prior attacks of acne: The use of laser resurfacing. This operation can be performed in the office of a physician or dermatologist. The laser eliminates the top layer of damaged skin and tightens the middle layer, leaving the skin smoother.


If you’re asking which treatment is best for acne scars, Fractional CO2 Laser is the most effective lasers for treating acne scars are fractionated resurfacing lasers. The fractional CO2 laser therapy is the most aggressive laser acne scar treatment available today, and one treatment gives outstanding results.

If you’re asking can acne scars be removed by laser, acne scars can be effectively treated with the fractional CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser. The modern “fractional” method treats only a fraction of the skin, leaving the surrounding skin healthy and undamaged. This enables quick healing and extremely safe treatments for the majority of skin types. The fractional CO2 laser creates minute holes in the deeper skin layers. This process results in the production of new, healthy collagen, which helps to diminish acne scars. As early as one week after fractional CO2 laser treatment, a reduction in acne scars can be observed. Six months following the initial treatment, scarring from acne will continue to improve.

If you’re asking whether can acne scars be removed permanently, When minimal scarring is present, laser resurfacing (a non-ablative acne treatment) can offer permanent effects. As collagen is created, it may take some time for the full results of the treatment to manifest, but once they do, they are typically long-lasting.


The cost of laser treatment is totally determined by the type of treatment you select and the aesthetic clinic you choose.

Acne treatment can cost anywhere between RM200 and thousands of dollars, depending on the severity of your acne and the number of sessions required to treat it.

Laser scar removal cost Malaysia offers can approximately cost to RM1000 or more include fractional CO2 laser, Pico laser, carbon peel, and any other laser therapy that requires more than three sessions, typically over a period of one to three months. productnation


Here in Nexus Clinic, a Malaysian clinic, we use fractional laser technology for laser scar removal treatment. This would aid in the removal of acne scars, trauma scars, and stretch mark concerns.

Compared to conventional laser systems without fractional technology, this laser technology has a shorter recovery time, produces superior results, and is safer for most skin types.

At Sliq Clinic, our fractional Co2 laser is also safe and FDA-approved, without sacrificing its efficacy. With a wavelength of 10,600 nm, water absorbs CO2 laser light efficiently.

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