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Fertility Rate and Resolutions in Malaysia – Nexus Clinic

The Deputy Minister of Health in Malaysia has expressed concern regarding male infertility.

It was reported to the Dewan Negara that the problems with male infertility in our country have reached an alarming level.

According to Aiman Athirah Sabu, Deputy Minister for Women, Family, and Community Development, this conclusion was reached after reviewing data on sperm analysis compiled by the National Population and Family Development Board. This data revealed that the findings of sixty percent of the tests exhibited abnormalities.

This is a direct contributor to the rise in the number of married couples in Malaysia who are experiencing fertility issues.

During the question and answer session, she made the following statement: “At the same time, the birth rate in our country also showed a downward trend over the last 40 years, and it is closely related to the men fertility rate, with the data from the Department of Statistics Malaysia showing 1.7 children per every married woman in 2021,”

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“To assist married couples in dealing with fertility issues, the board has been providing fertility treatment since 1979,” she added. “Specifically, this treatment is provided at the subfertility clinic in Penang for the northern zone, in fertility in men Kuala Lumpur for the central zone, and in Johor for the southern zone.”

According to Aiman Athirah, the program has so far resulted in 6,000 pregnancies and 4,000 births, numbers that are comparable to those attained by fertility treatment facilities located in other countries.

In the meantime, she stated that some of the causes that are contributing to the reduction in the fertility rate include changes in lifestyle and the high cost of living, the participation of women in the labor market, as well as late marriage leading to a lower reproductive age.

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