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Ultimate Guide to Salon Hair Treatments



Beautiful hair is a never ending quest. We researched the best salon hair treatments that can instantly restore body, shine, and health to your locks. Here is a list of the best salon treatments for repairing damaged hair.


Want to win the battle against frizzy hair? Keratin Complex has been a popular hair-smoothing treatment for more than a decade and can produce smooth results that last for several weeks. Relaxers and keratin treatments, also referred to as the well-known Brazilian Blowout, can straighten curly hair. Unfortunately, they only last until your hair grows out, after which you must return to the salon for a new application. You can surely see favorable results as you undergo keratin treatment after 3 months.

Keratin treatments are ideal for those with stubbornly curly or frizzy hair who desire smooth results without the effort of using flat irons and styling products at home.

There are two methods for applying a keratin treatment to the hair, and it is essential to understand the distinction between them. A basic keratin smoothing treatment, such as Goldwell’s Kerasilk, penetrates the cortex of the hair and promises six months of shine and silky locks.

The popular Brazilian Blowout releases a formaldehyde-derived solution that coats the hair shaft; after rinsing, blow-drying, and using a straightening iron, curls are eliminated for up to three months. You will awake with straight, caring hair.


If a dry and itchy scalp is one of your hair woes, an in-salon scalp treatment can be a helpful service that not only feels great, but also significantly corrects scalp oil production and promotes the use of the best shampoo for hair growth faster.

A healthy scalp is essential for healthy hair, regardless of whether your fine hair is weighed down by an oily scalp or prone to flaky patches. Massages for the scalp are gaining popularity as a result of the improved scalp skin they produce. Such brands as Aveda and Phyto offer complex cocktails that exfoliate the scalp and eliminate buildup.

It is perfect for everybody. Scrubs and serums for the scalp are the new hair skin care.


Hot oil treatments impart instant shine and seal the cuticle, resulting in nourished, silky hair with a smooth feel. This professional salon hair treatment, which is typically left on the hair for 12 to 20 minutes and then rinsed, can do wonders for dry and damaged hair in no time.

Hot oil treatments are most advantageous for dry and colored hair types. The duration, frequency, and amount of application depend on the condition of the hair.



Utilize a moisture-protein treatment to resurrect dry, brittle hair. A quality moisture treatment is the crème de la crème of deep conditioning treatments; it can resolve common hair issues such as lack of shine and split ends. Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 is a popular repairing treatment that can be added to the price of your weekly blowout and is massaged into the hair during a luxurious and relaxing service.

It is ideal for dry, overprocessed, heat-damaged, desperate hair in need of a little (or a lot) of TLC. Include a moisture treatment with your next hair coloring service, and your hair will be grateful.


Detox hair treatments eliminate buildup on the hair shaft caused by excessive product use or chemicals like chlorine. A detox treatment improves the health of the hair and scalp and can stimulate hair growth by clarifying the hair shaft.

Detox treatments will cleanse and add body to your hair while removing impurities that cause it to be dull. If you frequently skip shampooing or use numerous styling products, a detox treatment is for you.


If your frizzy hair have gained control, a relax treatment can restore control. Relaxing treatments effectively combat frizz and leave hair sleek for months. Customizable results can reduce curl, eliminate frizz, and regulate movement. The well-liked and effective Cezanne Perfect Finish Keratin Smoothing Treatment is formaldehyde-free and formaldehyde-free.

Whether the hair is wavy or curly, it is treated with relaxing treatments. You can achieve the beachy waves of your dreams while eliminating the dry, frizzy effect of your curl. Although this treatment can last for months, it must be reapplied with care. If a relaxing treatment is performed too frequently, the hair can become dry, limp, and lifeless. Choose your battles with caution.



Toning treatments are utilized to correct hair color. A toning treatment can be applied after the initial color service to perfect the color, or in between full color services as maintenance. A toning treatment is typically applied at the shampoo bowl, left on the hair for 15 to 20 minutes, and then rinsed to perfection.

Toning treatments can prolong hair color, prevent fading, and correct a variety of coloring mistakes. Lightened hair immediately absorbs color, so professional application is necessary. Rather than experimenting with boxed hair color at home, obtain a salon-applied toning treatment.


Do you desire instant hair shine that lasts for weeks? A glossing treatment smooths and adds reflective sheen to the hair shaft. This popular hair enhancement service can be applied at the shampoo bowl after a color treatment or on virgin hair to boost its radiance.

Glossing treatments are an amusing and spontaneous hair enhancement service. Consider a glossing treatment as the finishing touch for your hair, and choose one after every hair coloring service.


Rest assured that a haircut is not the only remedy for damaged hair the next time you find yourself battling hair breakage or despairingly staring at split ends. With a professional salon treatment, every day can be a good hair day.

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