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[Nexus Clinic] What happened on an Aesthetic Blogger Party

[Nexus Clinic] What happened on an Aesthetic Blogger Partyyy?!

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Hi internet!
I am so glad that I am invited to attend the preview of
Mediviron’s Clinic New Aesthetic Wing,
Maybe you might wonder, what actually HAPPENS here?!
Having knife cutting on the face or Liposuction on the fatty belly and hips?
Nexus Clinic is an Aesthetic clinic that only provides aesthetic services for
enhancing beauty, anti-aging and wellness with minimally invasive procedures such as
Lasers and Energy based protocols, Botox and Filers as well as Medical skin treatments!
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As I mention in my previous blog, Aesthetic Treatment don’t turn you from A to B,
But is from A to A+, an enhance version of you!

Like the blogger above, Nexus Doctor is injecting fillers to enhance her nose shape.
She called this “Hidung Raya” !! =DDD
(Cause Raya is around the corner!! )

That are about 20 bloggers attended the event and everyone was so excited!!
Untitled 4
Hmmm, party normally serves alcohol or cocktails. (But I am NEVER a drinker!)But in this clinic, they serve Easy123 Health Drink!=DD
AWW, that’s so sweet of them!
It had a great taste like blueberry drink and it meant to cleanse your body toxin to get a
Do follow their Instagram too : nexusclinic to get the latest beauty treatments info!
(When everyone is talking about aesthetic treatments as it is in the trend now, 
so make sure you know what your coursemates/ friends/ clients are talking about right? =DD)
Photo%2B26 6 15%2B12%2B35%2B23%2Bam
After we had done photo session, 
time for a welcome speech & introduction about Nexus Clinic by Nexus Doctors!!
*big round applause*
Untitled 5

Next would be Nexus Clinic Tour!
Bring us to each treatment room to introduce every machine that they use for particular

beauty treatments that you won’t be easily see this outside other than an aesthetic clinic!
Untitled 6
Here is one of the volunteer for the demo.
I salute the bravery for showing his belly to all the females *SHY*
Untitled 8
That is so cute ♥ LOLOLOL
The machine is is not LIPOSUCTION. 
This machine FREEZE the fats, breakdown the fat cells and your body’s natural cleansing process removes those fat cells for gradual fat reduction over time.
I found this photo is so dramatise
The volunteer face is like, OMG OMG, that thing is coming~~
The doctor that are operating the machine is like, c’mon is time for revenge~XDD
Untitled 10
And wow, he became a SUPERSTAR when he is having the treatments!
Flashlights everywhere and shine on him! XDDD
Untitled 11
End the blog with this photo with fellow bloggers!
Happy to meet new faces!! ♥♥
And we are friends now!!

You may click on my video for more activities of the day!
Actions seems more attractive than photos when it comes with aesthetic treatments!! =DD

Hope you enjoy the blog and video!
(Finger crossed on winning the best blog award chosen by Nexus Clinic! =D )


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Friday & Saturday: 8.30am -6.30pm
Sunday & Public Holiday: Closed





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