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nexus clinic malaysia review


If you’ve been following me for some time now, you know that I am very into skincare and have always tried to give my skin the best. That’s why I have a regular facial treatment provider that I go to to get my clogged pores cleared up and my messy eyebrows tidied. However recently I’ve used up all the credits in my purchased package so I decided to try something new.

nexus clinic malaysia review

A huge signboard in Nexus Clinic.

First known as Mediviron UOA, it was recently rebranded into Nexus Clinic and is located at the heart of the  Kuala Lumpur Golden Triangle. When I first saw its location, I was like, “uh-oh, parking problem!” Since my appointment was at 4.00pm, I decided to get there earlier in case I couldn’t find a carpark. Guess what? I was surprised with a large open carpark right next to the building charging only RM10 per entry (much cheaper than inside the building LOL)! Man!

I would recommend you to slip your car into the open carpark. It will cost much less compared to parking in the building itself if you’re going to be there for a while. I brought my mum with me to be my photographer and we argued about where to park. If I’d listened to her we could’ve save RM5! *regrets* Also, it is more convenient (and closer) to walk from the open carpark to the clinic. You will see Subway once you cross the gate. Just walk down the stairs next to it and you will see the clinic on your right.

p.s. if you’re parking in the building, get to the security/information counter on Ground Floor to get directed to the clinic.

When I arrived, I was asked to fill in a registration form at the counter as it was my first time there. After filling in the form, I waited for a few minutes before I was brought in to discuss my conditions and treatment options. Prior to every treatment, you will meet with a doctor who will get to know your condition and come up with the most suitable treatment for your skin. They will also try their best to make sure that you understand your treatment options before you make any decisions. I was recommended the Medi Spa facial.

Before I start blabbing about the super fancy facial, let me show you around with my camera.

nexus clinic malaysia review
nexus clinic treatment price
They have machines that serves water, black/white coffee, Milo and even teh tarik which you can help yourself with.
nexus clinic treatment price
Super comfortable couch for you to wait in.
nexus clinic treatment price

Interior of the clinic

nexus clinic treatment price

Brochures which you can refer to while waiting.

After waiting for around half an hour (which I’d used to go around and take pictures :D), I was led into a wide and spacious room to start my treatment. Inside the room I spotted a few machines and a comfortable-looking bed. It wasn’t required for me to change into anything so I just left my bag with my mum, who’s sitting at a corner, and went to lie on the bed. My hair was gently pulled back by my aesthetician and a towel was used to cover my neck during the treatment.

aesthetic clinic kl malaysia
Here are all the products that will be used during the facial treatment.

I love how they are all numbered to avoid confusion. All Elixir facial products used can be purchased directly from Nexus Clinic, subjecting to doctor’s recommendation.

Referring to the picture above, from left to right:
1. Elixir Cleanse (RM118 for 120g)
2. Elixir Repair (RM158 for 100g)
3. Elixir Eye (RM288 for 20g)
4. Elixir Vital C (RM388 for 30g)
5. Elixir Moist (RM288 for 50g)
6. Elixir Shield (RM158 for 50g)

Using Step 1, my aesthetician cleansed my face thoroughly to remove dirt and makeup. I was absolutely surprised to find out she was wearing gloves to keep things hygienic.

aesthetic clinic kl malaysia

Even the pillow has the geometric pattern that I’m seeing everywhere in the clinic.

She then wiped the cleanser off my face with sponges and proceeded to tone my face with the Elixir Repair a.k.a Step 2. Here comes my favourite and most longed treatment of all: microdermabrasion. I’ve been wanting to get this for years (I’ve even thought about getting an at-home machine for myself HAHA) but have been put off by the price again and again because it costs around RM150 to RM699 (according to Google) on its own. So now I finally have the chance!

aesthetic clinic kl malaysia

Enjoying my first microdermabrasion.

Don’t be scared by the name. Microdermabrasion is a non-chemical, non-invasive and painless procedure. It uses microcrystals to remove the outermost layer of dead skin and suck it away with a suction tube (picture below). All I felt during the procedure was a gentle pull on the area where the tube came in touch with. It felt so good to have all the dead skin cells removed from my skin!

aesthetic clinic kl malaysia

How the suction tube looks like.

Followed on, is the most dreaded part of every facial: EXTRACTION. It was the most painful when she was cleaning up the blackheads on my nose! My tears wouldn’t stop flowing and I thought I have a high pain tolerance! If you’re not particularly good with tolerating painful extraction, you can request for your aesthetician to be gentler during the process.

mircrodemabrasion kl malaysia

Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch.

mircrodemabrasion kl malaysia

Now all the dirt and the dead skin layer have been removed (yay), my skin became a little red, especially that pimple. It’s time to calm it down!

My aesthetician warned me it would be cold when she started the Cryocell Cold Electrophoresis to calm my skin. I don’t remember jumping in shock so the cold was definitely acceptable. Before she started with the therapy, she applied a serum on my face. When the smell of the serum hit my nose, I immediately recognised the orange-y vitamin C smell. Turns out I was right! She was using the Cryocell machine to aid the penetration of Elixir Vital C into my skin.

mircrodemabrasion kl malaysia

Applying Elixir Vital C

nexus clinic medi spa facial review

Working with the Cryocell Cold Electrophoresis.

When she was done freezing my face, she covered my eyes with two cotton pads and layered my whole face with mesh fabric. Before I knew it, my whole face was covered with a thick layer of cream mask, leaving only my nostrils and my mouth uncovered. The mask given will differ from one individual to another depending on your skin condition. They can customise, i.e. mix, it to make it work for skin with acne issue, skin needing more hydration, skin concerned with pigmentation or sunburnt skin.

nexus clinic medi spa facial review

The aesthetician mixing the ingredients for my mask.

nexus clinic medi spa facial review

Applying the mask on my face.
nexus clinic medi spa facial review

So this was how I look when the mask was on. I looked like a scary mummy hahahah!

When I thought everything was done, it was not. There’s still one last step which I’ve seen on YouTube so many times: the LED Light Therapy Mask! OMG I’m having so many firsts here and all of them are like dreams come true. I’ve never thought I’d get to experience the Light Therapy Mask after watching so many YouTubers try it. So, yeah, please don’t get annoyed by my overexcitement HAHA. I’m a frog under the well. 😛

Before the mask was put on my face, a tissue and a plastic were being put in between to protect my eyes and ensure hygiene.

With the lights on, look at the pink light!

medi spa facial malaysia

With lights off, look how cool it is!

Also known as Color Light Therapy, LED Light Mask uses “UV-free light with specific wavelengths to help boost collagen production, promote circulation, treat existing acne and kill bacteria, as well as accelerate skin recovery” according to US Weekly. The three different coloured lights each have their own functions. Red is to reduce ageing, blue to kill bacteria and existing acne whereas pink to accelerate skin recovery. All were exactly what my skin needed at that moment. The mask was left on me for around 15 or 30 minutes (cannot remember sorry!) and it felt a little warm on the skin but nothing unbearable.

That was the last treatment step of the entire facial. Phew, that was a lot of steps wasn’t it? Before I was allowed to get off the bed, my face was also pampered with Elixir Moist, a moisturiser, and Elixir Shield, a sunscreen (a must after vitamin C serum treatment). What I really like about these last two products was that my skin was still smooth and comfortable at the end of the day. This was very different from the oiliness that I usually get after having a facial done at my regular place.


medi spa facial malaysia

Showing you my ugly pimple and red reindeer’s nose. And no, my face did not become shorter, it’s just angle problem HAHA.

During that one week I was using the very same products I always use daily (maybe skipping a day or two :P) with nothing changed. The crazy redness seen immediately after treatment was almost gone on day 2 with it back to totally normal on day 3 or 4. The huge pimple on my chin is almost all gone now after a week real estate companies specializing in penthouses in san diego. All I have to do now is do my best to lighten the scar. Most blackheads on my nose  (it’s okay, no gross pic is coming up) were also cleared out leaving my nose clean at the moment.

Okay so now with everything reviewed and detailed, if you wish to experience it for yourself but are not ready to pay the full price of RM500, just quote my name: ‘YAN RU’ while dealing with Nexus Clinic staff to experience this Medi Spa Facial for only RM150 (I can assure you this is definitely a steal LOL). This price is specially tailored for you as I understand that most of you here are either students or are yet to work. I really hope you get to experience your first microdermabrasion or LED light mask like I did!

LG 10, Lower Ground Floor, Wisma UOA II, Jalan Pinang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Business Days:

Monday – Saturday
Business Hours:
Monday – Thursday 8:30am – 6:00pm
Friday – Saturday 8:30am – 6:30pm
Phone number:
+603-2163 5699 | +603-2163 5698
+6017-2163 569
I highly encourage you to book your appointment in advance to avoid disappointment.
I was invited to try their Medi Spa Facial in exchange for an honest review. As usual, all thoughts are mine and 100% honest with all pictures taken by me and my mum (thanks mum!).

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